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SEO & the Mortgage Industry

November 29, 2007 2 comments

Is there a more difficult and competitive industry on the internet to optimize for? I’ve optimized websites in a number of industries but have found the mortgage industry to be the most difficult one to get any traction with.

Whether you’re a mortgage company or a mortgage broker the key is to go local.

The national search for generic terms like mortgage, mortgage company, etc. is controlled by major players like Countrywide. The key is to break it down to your region such as “mortgage company in Boston.” However major cities like Boston, New York, LA, Seattle, all of Florida, Chicago are so oversaturated with mortgage websites that it’s tough to break through here too. The second tier towns are much easier to get good SERP placement however the traffic is obviously much lighter – but targeted which is nice.


Text to Voice Web 2.0 Application

November 28, 2007 Leave a comment

Found an interesting application called VozMe which converts a block of text into a computerized/British sounding MP3 file. VozMe is at the very least fun to play with but can also be embeded into a website to vocalize your content and possible attract your visitor’s attention.

Web 2.0 Application

November 28, 2007 Leave a comment

TOKiBiz has recently finished the design of its corporate site and we are continuing to develop the Web 2.0 Application called Bizak. For additional information about TOKiBiz’s Web 2.0 development and the Web 2.0 Application Bizak please visit the link below:

Web 2.0 Development & Applications

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E-Loan Terminates Commission Junction Affiliate Program

November 27, 2007 1 comment

It appears that recent mortgage failures have forced the “best mortgage website” to not only layoff over 400 (out of 900) employees but also terminate it’s Comission Junction hosted affiliate program.

According to an email deliverd today to Eloan affiliates “E-LOAN will begin scaling back some operations/programs to reduce its cost structure and unfortunately removing our affiliate program is one of them.”

Heavy Holiday (Cyber Monday) Traffic Stalls Yahoo Merchant Solutions

November 26, 2007 1 comment

Jim Goldman of CNBC is reporting that Yahoo Merchant Soltions customers are experiencing significant technical problems on this Cyber Monday. Yahoo Merchant Solutions hosts e-commerce shopping carts for roughly 3 million customers. According to Goldman the Yahoo technical problems are due to “excessive holiday traffic” but other then that Yahoo isn’t saying much else other then they are investigating the problem.

For additional information visit Goldman’s Tech Check

Cyber Monday 2007 to top $700 Million

November 26, 2007 Leave a comment

The first Monday after Thanksgiving is now referred to as Cyber Monday. Since the brick and mortar retailers have black Friday the online stores needed their day and that is today! According to comScore this Cyber Monday could be the biggest ever topping over $700 mllion in sales.

comScore bases this estimate on a 17% online rise in spending for the month of November with a 22% increase on the day after Thanksgiving – compared to 2006. comScore estimates $531 Billion was spent online the day after Thanksgiving.

Mobile 3.0

November 26, 2007 Leave a comment

Rotary Telephone Image

The Apple iPhone, Google Earth and GPS phones have helped Web 2.0 take a major step towards integrating Mobile 3.0 into their online applications. Web 3.0 integrates the user generated content (UGC) of Web 2.0 with the location based services & GPS capabilities of mobile phones that can access online user generated content of Web 2.0 applications.

Some sites that integrate mobile with their Web 2.0 application are:

  • Third Screen Media
  • Facebook iPhone Login
  • Tap & Go
  • ForeFlight