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Internet Business – Boston

January 28, 2008 3 comments

With some of the finest universities in the nation (Harvard, MIT, BC, BU) and a high quality of living & entertainment Boston has an abundance of leading technology and internet companies. Below is an ever expanding list of established & new technology & web 2.0 firms located in the greater Boston/Cambridge area.

Click on the firm’s name to visit their website

  1. Sayagle – Interconnecting the virtual and real worlds closer and safer.
  2. Sayaglify – An intelligent e-commerce hosting framework
  3. BostonTweet – real time updates about entertainment & events in Boston
  4. Bizak – Calculating & Creating Web 2.0 Profitability (Brookline Village Web 2.0 Startup)
  5. InfomedMD – Personalized Healthcare Information (Brookline & Fairfield, CT)
  6. – Site Analytics (Copley Square, Boston Technology Firm)
  7. RallyClock – track your time via web & instant messenger (Boston Web 2.0)
  8. Third Screen Media – Mobile Advertising (Black Falcon Avenue, Boston Tech Firm)
  9. Matchmine – media match (Needham, MA)
  10. MapRealty – Source for Real Estate Information (South Boston Internet Startup)
  11. Tabblo – photos & printing (Marlborough, MA)
  12. Peermeta – mobile access (Acton, MA)
  13. CitySquares – buy local (Boston Internet Startup)
  14. Visible Measures – audience behavior data from online video (Boston)
  15. Eons – online gathering site for 50+ year olds (Charlestown Navy Yard)
  16. uLocate – mobile application for finding people & places (Framingham, MA)
  17. EveryZing – digital media merchandising (Cambridge)
  18. Sermo – online community for physicians (Cambridge)
  19. RatePoint – Customer Feedback (Needham, Massachusetts)
  20. – care providers (Waltham Startup)
  21. Vlingo – text messaging without typing (Cambridge, MA)
  22. EMC – data storage (Hopkinton, MA)
  23. Molecular – Internet Consulting (Watertown, MA)
  24. MocoSpace – social network for mobile phone (Boston, MA Mobile Startup)
  25. TOKiBiz, Inc. – Creating Ideas Into Business. Founder of Bizak and InfomedMD (Brookline, MA Consulting Firm)
  26. Fortunate13 – Web Design (Arlington, MA)
  27. Lycos – directory (Waltham, MA)
  28. Monster – job board (Maynard, MA)
  29. Student Businesses – business plans by students (Cambridge, MA)
  30. StylePath -shopping recommendation (Lincoln, MA)
  31. WorkLight – enterprise application data (Newton, MA)
  32. Lookery – demographic marketing services for social networks (Boston)
  33. StyleFeeder – social bookmarking (Cambridge, MA)
  34. – connect with events (Boston, MA)
  35. Akami– web services (Cambridge, MA)
  36. Blackwave – internet video (Acton, MA)
  37. MyPunchbowl – party planning (Natick, MA)
  38. Endeca – search (Cambridge)
  39. Digitas – online marketing (Arch Street, Boston, MA)
  40. HubSpot – inbound marketing (Cambridge SEO Firm)
  41. VistaPrint – printed products (Lexington, MA)
  42. Fafarazzi – fantasy celebrity leagues (Somerville)
  43. Constant Contact – email marketing (Waltham)
  44. finetune – music playlists (Newton)
  45. GoLoco – match service for people needing car trips (Cambridge)
  46. TechTarget – IT Media (Needham, MA)
  47. EveryScape – 360 degree photos of popular attractions (Waltham)
  48. TripAdvisor – traveler reviews & advice (Needham, MA)
  49. iSkoot – communications (Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA)
  50. SpotScout – parking the mobile generation (Cambridge, MA)
  51. AuctionPAL – auction selling service (Waltham, MA)
  52. – online consumer health (Brookline Internet Company)
  53. ATG – e-commerce software (Cambridge)
  54. IMN – email marketing (Waltham)
  55. Xconomy – business & technology news (Cambridge)
  56. Virtual Iron Software – Virtualization Software (Lowell Tech Startup)
  57. Buzzwire – streaming technology for mobile devices
  58. iRobot – domestic robots (Burlington, MA)
  59. Aveska – Enterprise Access Governance (Waltham Startup)
  60. StyleFeeder – personal shopping Engine (Cambridge)
  61. Pixel Qi – $75 laptop (Hull, MA)
  62. Nimbit – music sales tool (Framingham)
  63. CoreBlox – locate & exchange information (Framingham)
  64. Kayak – travel search engine (Concord, MA)
  65. OurStage – fans choose independent musicians (Chelmsford)
  66. Plum – share resources & documents on Facebook (Lincoln, MA)
  67. TourFilter – Boston concert notifications (Cambridge, MA)
  68. Utterz – voice blogging (Maynard)
  69. CheapFlights – guide to cheap airfare (Boston Internet Startup)
  70. Novell – security software (Waltham)
  71. Fresh Tilled Soil – Web Design & Marketing (Wellesley Hills)
  72. HubSpot – Internet Marketing (Cambridge, MIT)
  73. WebsiteGrader – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools & Marketing (Cambridge, MIT Startup)
  74. ZoomInfo – business information search engine (Waltham Startup)
  75. Maven Networks – Internet TV (Cambridge, MA)
  76. NextWorth – Product trade ins (Haverhill, MA)
  77. PlatformQ – Virtual events (Needham, MA)
  78. Sensicast – Enterprise-class wireless sensor networks solutions (Needham Startup)
  79. PatientsLikeMe – “Patients Helping Patients” (Cambridge MA Health Care Information Startup)
  80. Ziggs – “Organizing & Connecting People” (Copley Square, Boston)
  81. ScanScout – Online video advertising (Boston)
  82. sjcallan Designs – Web design and development (Haverhill, MA)
  83. Renesys – Internet Intelligence (Manchester, NH)
  84. babbledog – Personalized stories & news (Manchester, NH)
  85. Skyhook Wireless – Wi-Fi Positioning used on iPhones & iPod Touch (Fort Point Channel, Boston)
  86. Big Fish Communications – PR, Marketing, Design, Web (Brookline Village)
  87. CampusLive – College Information (Amherst, MA)
  88. uTest – Software Testing Community (Ashland, MA)
  89. – Video Conferencing (Tremont Street, Boston)
  90. SiteSpect – Software to measure online marketing effectiveness (Beacon Street, Boston)
  91. permissionTV – Broadband television (Waltham, MA)
  92. EveryDoc – online resource for medical professionals (Quincy)
  93. Geezo – Social networking with personal financial management services (Framingham)
  94. GreenFuel Technologies – Alternative Energy (Cambridge)
  95. Surrge – Social network and online music store (Boston)
  96. Boston Dynamics – “Lifelike Human Simulation” (Waltham)
  97. – travel tools and resources (Boston)
  98. DoubleCheckMD – drugs & symptoms (Cambridge)
  99. TotSpot – a place for kids (Cambridge)
  100. Mzinga – enterprise community management (Burlington)
  101. StyleFeeder – personal shopping engine (Cambridge)
  102. Brightcove – online video platform (Cambridge)
  103. Gazelle – buy and sell electronics (Brighton)
  104. Vermonster – product development (Boston)
  105. Make Me Sustainable – energy saving software tools (Boston)
  106. FlipKey – verified vacation rental reviews (downtown Boston)
Click the two following links for additional information about Boston Facebook applications and Boston area startups

Earnings, Income, Costs & Profit/Loss Calculator

January 20, 2008 2 comments

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Calculator

To embed this EPV calculator into your website use:

<script src=””></script&gt;

For WordPress blogs use:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script&gt;
<script type=”text/javascript”>

To use the EPV Calculator online visit:

Business Valuation

How to Create a WebClip Bookmark Icon for your iPhone

January 16, 2008 1 comment

Yesterday Apple announced the ability for iPhone users to customize their home screens with new webclip bookmark icons. The above thought bubble is the iPhone WebClip for that you can now add to your iPhone home screen. To add the Bizak WebClip Bookmark Icon to your iPhone just visit using iPhone’s Safari web browser, click on the new + icon at the bottom of the browser, then select “Add to Home Screen”, Type in Bizak and hit Add. You’ll now see a direct link to on your home screen.

To create a WebClip Bookmark Icon for your website to display on iPhone’s Home Screen just create an image file called apple-touch-icon.png and upload it to your root directory of your web server. The image dimensions should be 57×57 pixels. The iPhone will automatically crop the file (if to large) and give it a glassy overlay to look like the current iPhone WebClips BookMark Icons.

Macbook Air

January 15, 2008 Leave a comment


Apple announced today the launch of the world’s thinnest laptop known as Macbook Air. No sense writing about all its features since the Apple website does a better job.

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iTunes Movie Rentals & Apple TV

January 15, 2008 Leave a comment

Steve Jobs announced today (at MacWorld 2008) that iTunes will be offering movie rentals. Older library titles will rent for $2.99 and new releases will cost $3.99 for rent.

The new iTunes Movie Rentals in combination with the new Apple TV is a great new service which I feel will really take off. If you look around your neighborhood all of the physical movie stores are closing which until now was the only place to rent almost any movie ever made. The on demand movie rentals of your cable provider is very convenient and easy however they lack any sort of library of movie titles. Now with iTunes movie rentals you can instantly rent and watch movies from all of the major distributors.  You can watch these movies on your iMac, Macbook, iPod or iPhone and when the rental expires (24 hours after starting the movie) they are automatically deleted from your hard drive.

I’ve always liked the premise of Apple TV but it was lacking something. Now with the ability to rent movies instantly via Apple TV I think the device has found what it was looking for. With the new Apple TV you can now rent movies directly from your television without the need to be connected to your computer. With the remote control you can instantly view and select rentals to watch on your wide screen TV – if you have one (I don’t!).


iPhone – 4 Million iPhones Sold

January 15, 2008 Leave a comment

Steve Jobs announced today at MacWorld that Apple has sold 4 million iPhones to date which equates to 20,000 iPhones per day.  The iPhone has captured a 19.5% market share of the United States smart phone market.
iPhone 4M

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Apple Time Capsule

January 15, 2008 Leave a comment

Apple announced the launch of a new wireless backup device called Time Capsule today at Macworld 2008. Models will cost $299 (500GB) and $499 (1TB).

Apple Time Capsule allows you to automatically (and wirelessly) back up your files.  This isn’t all that revolutionary but what’s nice about the Time Capsule is it lets everyone within your house to share and backup their files from multiple computers.  When you connect the Time Capsule (and additional AirPort Express modems) to stereos you can also wirelessly stream your iTunes music to any and all speakers in your house.  It also enables multiple computers to tap into and play music on file – so while roaming around your house (or small Boston studio) you can control your stereo.