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Web Metrics – Earnings per Visitor (EPV)

In my opinion earnings per visitor (EPV) is one of the most important metrics when valuing an internet startup. EPV tells you exactly how much money you make (or lose) for every individual visitor to your website. If your EPV is only $0.03 but you’re spending considerable more for marketing (CPV) then your budget will eventually run dry.

EPV is a powerful metric because it helps you determine the cost effectiveness of marketing campaigns. If you’re spending $500 to receive 1,000 visitors then your costs per visitor (CPV) for this campaign is $0.50. If your EPV is considerable less than $0.50 then you’re losing a considerable amount of money on advertising. If you’re EPV is considerable more than $0.50 then you’re receiving a bargain on marketing costs.

Knowing your EPV and CPV enables you to compare costs per click for traffic from Google Adwords and/or Online Marketing and determine which marketing campaign is more cost effective.

Below is a sample of EPVs for a select group of business types on Bizak

  • $0.03 Blogs
  • $4.92 Consulting Services
  • $0.02 Content Sites
  • $0.82 E-Commerce
  • $1.90 E-Learning
  • $0.01 Mapping
  • ($0.02) Photo Sharing

Video Post – Features & Benefits of Bizak

Many thanks go out to Nwokedi Idika for his terrific video post highlighting many of the features and benefits of Bizak.  Nwokedi is the founder of, a place where you can upload your video demonstrations, products and services.

Visit eSposure at:

Nwokedi’s Bizak Video

Revenue Sources

May 28, 2008 1 comment

Of the websites submitted to Bizak 39% of them rely on Google Adsense to pay the bills – none use Microsoft Search Advertising or Yahoo Search Marketing.

E-commerce sites (products sales) are the second most popular revenue models representing 14% of the total.  In house advertising affiliate marketing and service/consulting fees each represent 12% of the revenue models submitted to Bizak.  Subscription models make up 11% of the revenue models.

Top Revenue Sources on

  1. 39% – Google Adsense
  2. 14% – Product Sales
  3. 12% – In-House Advertising
  4. 12% – Affiliate Marketing
  5. 12% – Service/Consulting Fees
  6. 11% – Subscriptions
  7. 0%  – Microsoft Search Advertising
  8. 0%  – Yahoo Search Marketing

Date:  May 28, 2008

Social Networks

To no surprise social networks are very popular on Bizak and currently make up 18% of all business types submitted.  Include business networks and that number becomes 24% for all networking sites.

Of the social networks currently on Bizak (excluding those beyond the standard deviation) their monthly averages are the following:

Monthly Benchmarks for Social Networks

  • Visitors 128,830
  • Revenues $11,707.69
  • RPV $0.23
  • Costs $5,139.62
  • CPV $0.21
  • Earnings $6,568.08
  • EPV $0.01
  • Bizak Estimate $500,293.85

Content sites are the most popular business types on Bizak making up 21% of all websites.  The most interesting comparison between content sites and social networks comes in the costs field.  Content sites have a CPV (Costs per Visitor) of just $0.05 compared to the $0.21 for social networks.  RPVs (Revenues per Visitors) are significanly lower for content sites ($0.07 vs. $0.23) but due to lower costs earnings are relatively equal with an EPV of $0.02.


Working in Groups with Wiggio

May 16, 2008 1 comment

One benefit of Bizak is that I get introduced to a ton of great internet applications. Wiggio, founded by a Cornell University senior, is an online platform enabling students (and others) to work in groups. These groups allow registered users to keep a common calendar with the ability to receive updates via text messages. With Wiggio you can also poll groups and most impressively send mass text messages to all of your group members.

Wiggio is heavily focused on academic collaborations and is a perfect fit for clubs, organizations, frats and dormmates.

Visit Wiggio at:

Wiggio is one example of some of the great web applications coming out of today’s college campuses. We at Bizak understand that many of these student entrepreneurs are short on funds and because of that we have a special program for college students.

Additional information about Bizak’s college promotion can be found at:

Types of Internet Businesses

Bizak gives entrepreneurs the ability to sort their projects according to the type of internet business they manage. These types include: blogs, bookmarks, collaboration, consulting services, content, e-commerce, e-learning, hosted services, lead generation, management, mapping, messaging, mobile, networking-business, networking-social, photo sharing, search, video and wiki.

Of the types of internet businesses listed above content sites are currently the most popular on Bizak at 24% of total. Social networking sites come in second place at 20%, followed by blogs at 10% and business networking at 8%. Source: