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Investment Firms & Online Startups

Phase 3 of Bizak is set to launch soon.  Phase 2 consisted of the industry benchmarks (see video) and phase 3 opens up Bizak to investors who want to invest in internet startups.  In addition to the average benchmarks (that startups can view) investors will be able to view and compare the analytics for specific startups.  With Bizak, investors can now evaluate the earnings and valuation of startups in comparison to their competitors and industry leaders.  

Before we launch the investor side of Bizak we’re evaluating a few ideas that will benefit both investors and startups.  One of those is partnering with a large corporation, VC or investment firm who will have exclusive access to Bizak and the stream of web startups.  At this moment we’re discussing this exclusivity and invite any investment or venture capital firm to contact us (617-947-8071, email) if interested.


Business, Entrepreneurs & Investors

July 28, 2008 1 comment

Here’s a VERY ROUGH video of Bizak’s benchmarks.  The video is bad but the benchmarks are good!

Online Notes from WebNotes – A Cambridge Startup

July 27, 2008 1 comment

I forgot to mention that I attended WebInno18 a couple of weeks ago.  The event was packed, which made it difficult to find anyone, however one great thing that came from the conference was being introduced (via their presentation) to WebNotes.  

Created by a bunch of MIT students in Cambridge, WebNotes enables users to “create and manage online annotations.”  In the simplest terms WebNotes makes it easy to highlight text on any web page, save that text to a folder, add sticky notes and share those highlights & sticky notes (directly on the web page) with anyone you want.  If you use the web for research, WebNotes is a terrific service for organizing your findings. Check them out at

In the last few weeks there has been a bunch of great tech events in Boston, including the WebInno mentioned above.  Next on the list is SummerMash Boston (Mashable) which I’ll also be attending – hope to see you there.

iPhone 2.1 Firmware Update to Fix GPS Problems

July 26, 2008 3 comments

I’m sort of answering my own question but, according to Gizmodo, Apple is already beta testing an update to the iPhone 2.0 software (called iPhone 2.1 Firmware). iPhone 2.1 is reportedly fixing some of the lackluster GPS tracking of the iPhone 3G and I’m assuming it will also fix some of the issues I’ve been having.  

The reason why the iPhone crushes the mobile phone business competition is because of updates like these. Even with an iPhone that’s almost 1 year old I can still benefit from new software – just like a laptop.  This means I don’t have to buy a new phone to get a new phone.

1 Trillion URLs

July 26, 2008 1 comment

Google announced on Friday that the web is big, real big.  To be exact Google has just indexed the 1 trillionth URL – an astounding number.     When Google first indexed “their web” in 1998 they had 26 million pages, in 2000 that number was 1 billion and in July 2008 it hit 1 trillion. 

With 1 trillion URLs how does a website stand apart from the rest?  How is that URL found?  With more URLs becoming optimized the chances of being found on Google (even though you’re listed on Google) is very slim. What if each one of these URLs were optimized for Google?  Search engine optimization would be a dead industry and search would be useless for traffic – unless you’re one of the lucky 10 on the first page.

Eventually half of these URLs will be optimized for Google and when that happens SEO will be useless. What’s next for internet marketing?  YouTube?  Facebook?  Will Google still provide websites with traffic?

In other Google News the company also announced that they are hitting 40 languages to cover the languages read by 98% of Internet users.

iPhone Applications Draining Your Battery?

July 26, 2008 6 comments

So far some of my favorite iPhone applications include Pandora and Apple Remote, however it appears that these applications are draining my battery a lot faster then before I downloaded them.  Is anyone else experiencing a battery running on red a lot faster these days?  I’ve also noticed that my iPhone email sometimes gets stuck in a “checking for mail” loop and I need to reboot it to alleviate the problem.  Having the same problem?  What about Safari (on the computer you sync your iPhone with) closing unexpectedly?

Even with these minor glitches the new iPhone firmware and applications are terrific and these bugs will likely be fixed (if not already) with the next software update.

Mortgage vs. Car Insurance

A few years ago I created a couple of directories to test which industry, mortgage or car insurance, was more competitive online.  From my very unscientific research I’ve found that mortgage brokers are a lot more aggressive online, both when it comes to marketing their services and creating numerous websites. I’ve also found that it’s much more difficult to gain SEO traction with mortgage keywords as compared to insurance ones. A lot of this online competition has to do with the high Adsense pay out for these keywords.  However even with a higher PPC your earnings are still minimal since the competition for traffic is so great.

As I previously wrote, I believe Adsense has become worthless and with this a lot of the sites made purely for Adsense will likely expire because the pay out is so low and search engine optimization is so competitive.  Also given the recent downtown in the housing marketing, and the difficulty in obtaining a mortgage, I would gather that a lot of these mortgage websites will also expire.