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Twitter Feedback Applications

January 28, 2009 Leave a comment

This evening we launched our latest Twitter application for BostonTweet. BostonTweet provides real time Twitter updates about entertainment, promotions, crowds, menus & discounts at local Boston restaurants, bars, stores & venues. With our new application followers of BostonTweet (both Twitter and non-Twitter) can view, search and read the reviews and replies about Boston food and entertainment.

As I previously wrote in Corporate Messaging & Customer Feedback Applications these applications are available for customization for corporations, restaurants, websites, radio stations and any business who wants instant feedback on their product and services.

BostonTweet has been active for just over a month now with close to 2,000 followers and many great conversations.  To follow BostonTweet visit Twitter, to view some of our  previous conversations visit the links below.


Boston Wine Expo – Hello Vino & BostonTweet Promotion

January 15, 2009 Leave a comment

This morning BostonTweet (@BostonTweet), in association with HelloVino (@HelloVino), started our first promotion for our Twitter followers.  For our first promotion we’re giving away a free pair of tickets to the Boston Wine Expo on Sunday January 25th.  

@HelloVino and @BostonTweet are giving away a pair of tickets to the Boston Wine Expo. These “Grand Tasting” tickets for Sunday, January 25, 2008 will grant admission into the expo at the Seaport World Trade Center in downtown Boston, MA. Over 450 wineries from around the globe pour over 1,800 wines for you to sample!

Contest Rules:

  • One winner will be selected at random. Must be 21+ and show ID at expo entrance.
  • Entrants must be following both @BostonTweet and @HelloVino on Twitter.
  • Entrants must post a tweet to @BostonTweet and @HelloVino with your favorite food & wine pairing, and include the #expotix hash tag. 

For example:
@BostonTweet @HelloVino I am a huge fan of New England clam chowdah paired with Chardonnay. #expotix

We will announce the winner on Monday, January 19th at 4pm EST.

Corporate Messaging & Customer Feedback Applications

January 7, 2009 3 comments

Over the next week we’ll be launching our new Boston social messaging & customer feedback application called BostonTweet.  This application is powered by Twitter and as you can see from the image below it enables me to ask a question which immediately generates user feedback – all of which is accessible to anyone who visits the website. We’re using the application to generate discussion about local Boston restaurants but it can be applied to any city or any business. The application is designed to generate discussion and feedback about a niche topic.  That topic can be about a corporation, a city,  a product or an interest – whatever the focus it all stimulates interaction & discussion that you control.  By keeping customers discussing your brand you’re keeping them informed of your product and therefore marketing it to them in an unobtrusive way.  Marketing that is spread via word of mouth and recommendations – a far more effective and affordable form of advertising.

Powered by Twitter

Integrated with Twitter these applications enable users to instantly communicate with their followers, customers and clients.  Followers can be informed via the web and cell phone – both of which you can post from. From your cell phone you can broadcast a question to your followers from wherever you are and on whatever captures your attention at that exact moment. Your post is instantly posted to the application which then creates a unique URL for that post and the responses to it.

Feedback is essential for business – integrated with Twitter these applications bring customer feedback instantly to you, all of which is organized and searchable on your website.  Via our user friendly admin panel, posts & replies can be categorized, organized and/or deleted based on a case by case basis.  Asking your customers to speak their voice creates valuable customer feedback – essential for efficiency, product improvement and public relations.

All of the information that you and your followers post is indexed on your website for users to read, reply to and search for both via the website and on Google. Our custom corporate messaging application is beneficial for any business that wants to communicate with their customers – so basically that includes any business who wants to make money.   

To learn more please contact Tom O’Keefe at tom[at]tokibiz[dot]net or 617-947-8071.

Twitter Customer Feedback Application