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Google Wave

Over the last day the blogs and Twitter have been in a flutter over Google’s new product announcement called Google Wave – set to launch later this year. In sum Google Wave is a communication & collaboration platform that pulls in many of the communication tools that we’re already familiar with into one browser based client. Some of these communication tools include new perspectives to email, chat, instant messaging, social networking and project management. From day one Google Wave is an Open Source platform allowing for immediate adoption and innovation.

Some additional features of interest to me are playback conversations, drag and drop file sharing (instantly to all connections) and the Embed Wave – the ability to embed a Wave into your website which then acts as an integrated chat room.

There are thousands of articles about Google Wave but I’ve found the Mashable article to be one of the best.

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Biz Stone Discusses the Monetization of Twitter

May 28, 2009 1 comment

In a recent Techcrunch interview @Biz talks about potential strategies & features to monetize Twitter. I know as a prolific user of Twitter for both @BostonTweet & @Sayagle I would pay a monthly fee for the following premium features & services:

  • Analytics
  • Scheduled tweets like Tweetlater current offers
  • Demographics on my followers
  • Multiple users/username and multiple mobile phone synching
  • Additional exposure (especially via location) for my accounts on the Twitter network
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Tuesday Night in Kendall Square

Last night we had our weekly Tuesday night Sayagle meeting in Kendall Square, Cambridge. This one was especially productive with Ken, Carol, Alfred, Tony and David all in attendance. In this photo David is joking about something and I thankfully was able to avoid the camera as the cameraman.

Tuesday Night Sayagle Meeting

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What is Boston Doing Right Now?

The thing that continues to amaze me about Twitter is the ability to collect information on what’s happening right now. In the case of BostonTweet it’s purely Boston but it can be anywhere in the world. No other platform, not even Google, can tell you what’s happening this exact second. The goal of BostonTweet is to give the entire city the ability to post events, sightings, happenings and the scene as it’s happening directly to Whether it’s an event, telling the city about the scene at a bar or tweeting pictures directly to the site – happenings can be broadcast directly to the site by anyone in the city. Citizen journalism, social messaging and often pure entertainment.

What is Boston Doing Right Now?

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Pizza and the Mayor

Boston’s Mayor Tom Menino has been hosting a number of meet and greets throughout Boston and tonight’s is in the North End. For additional information about the event visit BostonTweet

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BostonTweet & Sayagle on Vernacular

Vernacular, the Emerson College writing, literature & publishing graduate student blog, recently interviewed me about BostonTweet, Sayagle and my invitation to their Gala on May 15th. The interview touches on my previous online experience, Sayagle, Boston, advice for new graduates and my favorite books.

To read the entire interview please visit: Spotlight On…

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Tweetup at McGreevy’s

On April 30th BostonTweet held a tweetup at McGreevy’s on Boylston Street, and as usual my man @JoselinMane was the photographer. To view some of his stills visit Flickr.

@eknopf2 & @BostonTweet looking like dorks with their iPhones


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