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Sayagle in Mass High Tech

Sayagle MHTSayagle is featured in this week’s edition of Mass High Tech.

The application will let users get together based on location and common interest, to form ad-hoc buying groups that can use the leverage in their numbers to negotiate special offers on goods and services — everything from lunch to concert tickets and big-screen TV’s, said company founder Ken Huang.

“Sayagle is a real-time communication platform,” Huang said. “It actually brings the consumers and merchants — the two sectors — together.”

Huang, who is also a co-founder at the web-based annotation service WebNotes Inc. admits it will be difficult to draw users away from established location-based networks like Google Inc.’s (Nasdaq: GOOG) Latitude and Boston-based uLocate Communications Inc.’s Where application. He hopes to do so with a built-in instant-message application that integrates with AOL, Google and MSN chat networks, and allows users to quickly post photos and screenshots for friends.Sayagle bridges the real world with the virtual one unlike any application previously known.  By integrating the web with mobile communications, social mapping, instant messaging and enterprise level security Sayagle has created the safest location based social network ever known.

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Citizen Journalism for Bostonians

BostonTweet Header

Over the weekend @BostonTweet and @SJCallan launched a new section on BostonTweet that enables any Bostonian with a Twitter account to index traffic, MBTA updates, news, music and other updates to

By including @BostonTweet and and any of the below hashtags in a new tweet, Bostonians with Twitter accounts can instantly update the below pages on BostonTweet.

  • #Traffic – post up to the second traffic updates on the Boston roads and highways
  • #MBTA – real time updates about delays and breakdowns on the T and commuter rails
  • #News – reports on local news as it’s happening – anything you feel is newsworthy
  • #Food – food reviews, specials and any post that talks about food & restaurants
  • #Drink – drink specials and any tweet that deals with going out for drinks in Boston
  • #Music – gigs scheduled at the bars, clubs and music venues in greater Boston
  • #Sports – any tweet talking about social sports or the Pats, Red Sox, Bruins, etc.
  • #Sale – tweets about retail sales in Boston
  • #Tweetup – a listing of Tweetups scheduled throughout the Boston metro

Twitter Your Way to Bargains

July 7, 2009 1 comment

MSNPicture 6Thanks to @MelindaFumer of @MSNMoney for including @BostonTweet in the MSN Money article entitled Twitter Your Way to Bargains:

And don’t forget to follow some local tweet aggregators in your city if you want to find deals at restaurants, happy hours at bars, free concerts, cheap haircuts or just new, inexpensive places to shop.

Search for people by your city name and look for users posting deals in your area, such as @BostonTweet and @NewYorkology, to find gems like this: “@Bostontweet: Free burritos today at the Natick @Boloco from 11am-8pm.”

Improper BostonTweet

July 6, 2009 1 comment

Improper BostonTweetThe most recent issue of the Improper Bostonian is all about Boston’s best restaurants, bars, shops and more. I’m (aka @BostonTweet) ecstatic, and grateful, to be featured at the beginning of the list.

Thank you Improper Bostonian (@TheImproper) and thank you Kimba (@KimbaKimba) for the photo.

Twitter Down

BostonlogoOn Sunday Twitter accidentally suspended thousands of accounts including my @BostonTweet. Of course this came as a great to surprise to me and “scared the bejesus” out of me until I realized that I hadn’t done anything wrong. What also came as a (pleasant) surprise were the numerous “Free BostonTweet” tweets and the article from the Boston Phoenix about my “downtime.”

In response I commented that I took the evening off and went to JP Licks with a friend but due to my “suspension” I was forced to contact that friend via the ancient form of communication known as the telephone. This was yet another revelation on how reliant I’ve become on Twitter as a mode of communication – a form of communication that takes precedence over email, text messaging and the telephone. So with that the below headline is hilarious but sadly true.

SHOCKING: Boston man’s Twitter account suspended, uses TELEPHONE to ask friend out for ice cream

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Restaurants on Twitter

On Monday the Boston Globe published a feature article about the increasing number of Boston restaurants using Twitter to connect with their customers. In addition to talking about local restaurants the Globe also interviewed BostonTweet about my support of everything Boston. Below is an excerpt from that article, which thanks in large part to John Pepper @Boloco includes BostonTweet:

When Boloco wanted to set up focus groups, market research that would have cost thousands of dollars, the company turned to Twitter. Pepper contacted Tom O’Keefe, an online business developer (and avowed fan of Boloco competitor Anna’s Taqueria) whose Twitter stream, @BostonTweet, has more than 6,000 followers. “Within one hour we had 50 people,’’ Pepper said. “It not only saved us all kinds of money, but it turned out to be an amazing group.’’

O’Keefe says he started BostonTweet as a way to create awareness for local restaurants and bars in the down economy. BostonTweet hosts frequent tweetups, events where those using Twitter, a.k.a. tweeps, meet in real life.

“It’s great for business,’’ he said. “It gets people in and they spend money, but it’s also a very vocal group. People talk about the event leading up to it and while they’re there,’’ posting to Twitter via cellphone.

It’s also fun. “I meet so many great people,’’ he said. “It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.’’

Article Source: The Boston Globe and GlobeDevraFirst