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August 18, 2009 Leave a comment

sayagle_logoAfter more than a year of development Sayagle is almost here. Sayagle is the first location based social networking marketplace that connects consumers with friends and merchants in real time. By integrating the web with mobile communications, social mapping, instant messaging and enterprise level security Sayagle has created one of the safest and most effective collaboration and networking platforms known.

mockup-IM-loginSayagleIM enables friends, classmates and colleagues to communicate across all mediums & networking platforms for unrestricted messaging. With drag and drop file transfers classmates & colleagues can collaborate on files no matter the size or number of recipients. Have an event to promote? Create and distribute the logistics via SayagleIM for broadcast to your connections. Think of SayagleIM as command central that controls all of your communication across the major Internet platforms – while also notifying you of events hosted by friends and discounts from your favorite merchants.

When online SayagleWeb combines your real world with the virtual one by being the first platform to effectively create a symbiotic relationship between merchant and customers. This symbiotic relationship enables customers to request bulk discounts from merchants by forming influential buying groups centered around a specific product or service. For merchants, Sayagle’s advanced coomunication tools give you a direct form of communication with users to broadcast last minute specials & bulk discounts to customers.

mockup-phone-iconSet to launch in September 2009, Sayagle Mobile integrates SuperDeals with the communication features of SayagleIM and the mapping of Sayagle Web. On Sayagle Mobile SuperDeals are published to you based on both your home address and your current physical location. Sayagle Mobile is also highly focused on security! With the Sayagle SOS button users can instantly notify emergency contacts of their exact whereabouts in times of distress – giving everyone peace of mind.

Sayagle is the brainchild of Ken Huang who built Sayagle on robust clusters of state-of-art server infrastructure with high availability and implemented with the latest stable enterprise level virtualization technologies and SAN storage. Ken leads a team of experienced professionals who individually have at least 13 years of IT infrastructure experience, 10 years of R&D experience and 8 years of business experience.

For media inquiries please contact me, Tom O’Keefe, at 617-947-8071. Sayagle is currently self-funded but we are seeking additional financing. If interested please also contact Tom.


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iPhone OS 3.0 Software Release

promo_iphone_os3_image20090317The iPhone OS 3.0 software upgrade will be available on June 17th.

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iPhone 2.2 Software Update

November 21, 2008 Leave a comment

I just received the official iPhone 2.2 software update from Apple which includes Google Street View, public transit & walking directions, podcasts & Safari improvements.

iphone 2.2 update

Installing the iPhone 2.2 software update is easy by following the steps below

install iphone 2.2 update

iPhone Hits 17.3% Worldwide Smart Phone Market Share

November 10, 2008 Leave a comment

According to Canalys, Apple’s iPhone has surpassed Research in Motion and Motorola to take the number two spot for worldwide smart phone shipments. The iPhone now enjoys a 17.3% smart phone market share with 6,899,010 units shipped in Q3 2008. This is still considerable behind the 38.9% (15,485,690 units) that Nokia enjoys, but in year over year comparisons Apple grew from 3.6% while Nokia declined from 51.4%. 

According to the NPD group those 6.9 million Apple shipments made the iPhone the best selling cell phone (not just smart phone) in the United States.  The iPhone has now surpassed the Motorola RAZR V3, RIM Blackberry Curve, the LG Rumor and the LG enV2 in units sold domestically.

Smart Phone Market Share

Please Fix the iPhone

October 20, 2008 Leave a comment

Apple today launched a new customer feedback website called Please Fix the iPhone, which immediately reminds me of Startbuck’s very successful My Starbucks’ Idea.  Please Fix the iPhone allows owners of the iPhone to submit their wish (without registering) for improvements to their beloved device – the most popular requests get sent to the top. So far those wishes on top of the list include, Copy and Paste, Flash capabilities and horizontal (wide) viewing of emails.

With this launch one can assume that Apple will start implementing the most popular wishes, or at least those that they can implement – Flash is likely an Adobe partnership issue. Unlike Starbucks it appears that Apple is only interested in the feedback and not the marketing potential of the subscribers.

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iPhone Applications Draining Your Battery?

July 26, 2008 6 comments

So far some of my favorite iPhone applications include Pandora and Apple Remote, however it appears that these applications are draining my battery a lot faster then before I downloaded them.  Is anyone else experiencing a battery running on red a lot faster these days?  I’ve also noticed that my iPhone email sometimes gets stuck in a “checking for mail” loop and I need to reboot it to alleviate the problem.  Having the same problem?  What about Safari (on the computer you sync your iPhone with) closing unexpectedly?

Even with these minor glitches the new iPhone firmware and applications are terrific and these bugs will likely be fixed (if not already) with the next software update.

Macbook Air

January 15, 2008 Leave a comment


Apple announced today the launch of the world’s thinnest laptop known as Macbook Air. No sense writing about all its features since the Apple website does a better job.

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