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President Barack Obama has Gone Viral

November 6, 2008 2 comments

If you’ve visited YouTube in the last two days you’ll see that Barack Obama is very popular.  Out of the top twenty most popular videos on YouTube,  Barack’s acceptance speech takes up seven of those slots – or 35% of the total.  In addition to the actual speech there are three additional videos about Barack Obama which means half of the 20 most popular videos on YouTube are about President Obama.  

According to Visible Measures (of Boston) there are currently over 500 versions of Obama’s speech on YouTube with views totaling 6.8 million times and counting.  

Obama Video Growth Chart

However, the actual online viewership of Obama’s speech is much greater than 6.8 million since these numbers don’t include views from news sites like CNN, ABC News and MSNBC – all of which have seen a massive spike in traffic since election day. alone had 27 million unique visitors on election night with 276 million page views.

Whether you like Obama or not you have to agree that he has sparked a massive interest in American politics that hasn’t been seen in decades, arguable not since JFK! At the very least this renewed interest in America is a very good thing.


President Barack Obama

November 5, 2008 Leave a comment

Twitter Swamped on Election Day?

November 4, 2008 2 comments

I would love to see the statistics for the number of Tweets and Facebook uploads for this day alone. Since a couple of my mobile uploads never went through I’m guessing both applications are getting swamped with updates.  However, after resubmitting they successfully went through – no downtime for Twitter!. Looks like that new funding is being well spent.

Obama Wins (the Online Campaign)

November 3, 2008 1 comment

Back in June I wrote an article called the Political Web which compared Barack Obama’s web analytics to that of John McCain’s.  Back then Barack Obama and his supporters were clearly more adept at using the web to his advantage. Today Obama is still the clear winner, but McCain has made a large leap ahead of Barack in the number of Google results. My guess is Sarah Palin helped raise McCain’s Google results, especially considering she is searched for 41,327 times per day – more than Obama and McCain combined.    

The web analytics of Barack Obama & John McCain on June 24, 2008

Web Comparison of Barack Obama vs. John McCain

Web Comparison of Barack Obama vs. John McCain

The above numbers have changed a lot since June with Obama the winner in every field except for the Google Results.  Given that tomorrow is election day I would expect some of these numbers to more than double in one day alone – that shows you the power of the web in Election 2008. Twitter has Election 2008 providing a live feed of everything presidential. YouTube has Video Your Vote which encourages voters to upload videos of their voting experience.

More than ever the internet will be providing immediate feedback (both visually and textually) on the election. Who the new President is will be decided tomorrow but when it comes to who won the online campaign, Barack Obama is the clear winner.  Whether that translates into the presidency will be decided tomorrow night.

The web analytics of Barack Obama & John McCain on November 3, 2008

* The Blog Search results for both candidates are less than what they were in June. I would suspect this is more of a change in Google’s indexing rather than people deleting their postings.

Below is Compete’s graph on the comparison of the candidate’s site traffic.

Election Day Internet Traffic

US CTO Under the Obama Administration

October 21, 2008 Leave a comment

Business Week & Techcrunch are reporting that if elected Barack Obama will appoint the first ever cabinet level Chief Technology Officer. The immediate task of the US CTO would be to increase broadband access throughout the United States – especially in rural areas. Currently only 23 out of 100 United States citizens currently have broadband internet access – that ranks 15th for industrial nations.  According to the article “Obama sees greater broadband penetration as an enormous economic engine, much like the railroads were a century ago”.

The US CTO will also oversee a $50 billion venture capital fund that will be utilized to invest in technology ventures that will both spur job creation and energy independence. Obama has vowed to make the United States energy independent in 10 years and to do this the CTO will likely focus on new energy technology like that of Tesla Motors. As I previously wrote in the Political Web it’s clear that Barack embraces technology and the CTO will likely be a critical role within the Obama Administration. 

Some of the candidates being considered for the job are Vint Cerf (Google’s chief internet evangelist) Steve Ballmer (Microsoft), Jeff Bezos (Amazon) and Ed Felten (computer science professor at Princeton).


The Web & The 2008 Presidential Election

June 27, 2008 2 comments

As I noted in the Political Web, Barack Obama has successfully penetrated the web to increase support and funding for his campaign.  Back in 2004 blogs were influential, however social networks like MySpace, Facebook and YouTube were not.  Actually, Facebook and YouTube didn’t even exist back then.  With over 150 million combined monthly visitors these three sites are becoming a powerful political tool and Obama is doing a better job utilizing them.

Web Comparison of Barack Obama vs. John McCain

However, what I find most interesting is that even with the massive influence of the web on this election none of the candidates are spending a lot of money online.  Since the campaign began in February 2007, $238 million has been spent on television ads but only $4 million online.  Why the huge disparity?

With the internet everyone has a voice, and a video camera.  If a candidate can inspire the people to do the advertising for him (it was him/her) then there is no reason to spend money online.  As any internet startup knows, viral marketing is the most beneficial and desired form of advertising money can’t buy.  Obama definitely has online viral marketing working to his advantage.  If the average person was able to influence television and broadcast videos for free I would imagine presidential candidates would only be spending money on political buttons.

The Political Web: Barack Obama vs. John McCain

June 24, 2008 9 comments

To date Barack Obama has raised a whopping $296 million for his presidential campaign. Much of Obama’s fundraising success is due in large part to a fantastic website, a dominate internet presence and the viral marketing efforts of his supporters via blogs, links, content and of course YouTube.

For John McCain his fundraising efforts are 143% lower than Obama’s at $122 million. McCain’s web presence comes in a distant second (comared to Obama) in every category.

Below are a number of web analytics which compare the candidates’ online saturation. When it comes to web analytics Barack Obama crushes John McCain in every category.

Google Results (Winner: Barack Obama)

When performing a search for Barack Obama on Google you’ll find 54,900,000 pages that at least mention the presidential candidate. The same search for John McCain brings up 37,600,000 pages. Impressive for Barack since he was relatively unknown before 2004 whereas John McCain has been a senator since 1987 and ran for president in 2000

Google Results for Barack Obama & John McCain

YouTube Videos (Winner: Barack Obama)

This election is the first presidential election of the YouTube generation and to date there are 130,000 videos about (or talk about/mention) Barack Obama whereas just 39,400 YouTube videos focus on John McCain. Of course there is no way to tell if these videos are for or against a particular candidate but one thing is certain and that is more people are talking, writing, blogging, and recording Barack Obama.

Barack Obama & John McCain YouTube Videos

Site Lookup – Google (Winner: Barack Obama)

A site lookup determines the number of pages indexed for a particular website on a search engine such as Google. Doing a site lookup (on Google) for we see that Barack has 889,000 pages indexed. Compare that to and we see that Obama has far more online content – McCain has 30,400 pages. Generally speaking the more pages a website has the more search traffic that website will receive. If optimized (called SEO) then more pages means more opportunities to be found online. If internet visitors are going to your site then you can craft your message exactly the way you want – not the way your competitor wants it. is a terrific website built in Web 2.0 fashion with social networking tools embedded into it. As we know has raised a significant amount of money from small donations via the website. My guess is that the 889,000 pages indexed and the Web 2.0 features of have a lot to do with Barack’s financial success.

Number of Pages Indexed for Barack Obama & John McCain

InLinks – Yahoo (Winner: Barack Obama)

Inlinks (or inbound links) are the number of outside links pointing to your website. Inlinks are very important in determining a website’s search engine placement and therefore search traffic. Google’s original algorithium relied heavily on the quality of inbound links and based on this created the PageRank. PageRank (which had more pull a few years ago) measures the quality of a website in the range of 0 to 10. Both and have a PageRank of 7.

In the case of Barack Obama and John McCain you can infer the popularity of a particular candidate by the number of websites linking to it – in essence it can be seen as a recommendation. With that has 60,801 links pointing to it and has 21,905.

Both stats are from Yahoo which is more reliable than Google in determining inlinks.

Inbound links to and

Google Blog Search (Winner: Barack Obama)

Blogs have become a tremendous political force. Both candidates maintain a blog (Obama, McCain) but more importantly millions of Americans have a blog and now a voice. Bloggers have more influence than ever and some are arguable as influential as The Washington Post and The New York Times. With every election a new form of media has emerged forcing a candidate to adapt. In 2004 blogs showed their influence for the first time and this year video is a the new major player – now we have video and blogs!

So, one more way to measure the online success of a potential candidate is the number of blog posts about a particular candidate. In essence it measures what people are talking about, what people are thinking about and who they’re voting for. Once again Barack Obama has a commanding online presence over John McCain with 7,367,910 posts about him and only 4,242,637 blog posts about John McCain.

Blog Search - Barack Obama & John McCain

Keyword Searches (Winner: Barack Obama)

According to Wordtracker, the keyword “Barack Obama” is searched for 7,682 times per day. “John McCain” sees 4,392 daily searches. This means when people go to Google (and search for a candidate) they are searching for Barack Obama 75% more than John McCain. These numbers only include both candidates’ full name – there are hundreds of variations that people are also searching for. For instance, if you do a search for just the candidates last name then Obama is searched for 9,643 times/day and McCain 1,122 times per day.

Daily Keyword Searches for Barack Obama & John McCain

People Count (Winner: Barack Obama)

According to, received 1,568,981 visitors in May 2008 compared to which received 424,214 visitors. Both candidates (Barack 3 million and McCain 1 million) saw a huge spike in traffic in February 2008 thanks to Super Tuesday.

Barack Obama vs. John McCain Internet Traffic, Visitors, People Count

This data goes back to January, but I couldn’t write a piece about website earnings without computing the business valuation of a website’s earnings. In January Barack Obama raised $32 million, of which $28 million came from online donations. According to Techcrunch, over 250,000 individuals made donations of which 90% of those were under $100.

Barack Obama\'s Website Earnings & ValuationAccording to the graph (above) received around 3 million visitors in January 2008. Like I value a websites’ worth on this blog and on, I will attempt to do the same with Entering these numbers into the Bizak Business Valuation Calculator (and assuming no costs) you get a whopping $9.33 earnings per visitor (EPV). This means on average Barack Obama earns $9.33 for every person who visits his website. Internet powerhouses like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, & Myspace wish they had a $9.33 EPV. If was an internet site making $30 million/month then they would have a valuation of $1.344 Billion!!


When it comes to internet marketing Barack Obama is far ahead of John McCain. Unfortunately, I can’t compare The Political Web for Bush vs. Kerry in 2004 so it remains to be seen if a dominate web presence converts into the presidency. What we do know is George Bush had only 35 electoral votes and 3,012,166 popular votes more than John Kerry in 2004. Both candidates had roughly the same amount of funds – at this time in 2004 John Kerry had accumulated $186.2 million. At the time this was 5x more than any previous democrat had raised. That was of course before Barack Obama who so far (with 4 full months remaining) has raised $296 million compared to John McCain’s $122 million. This equates to a 143% difference in funds. In 2004 George Bush had only 13% ($41 million) more dollars than Kerry, but only captured 2% more of the popular vote.

Web Comparison of Barack Obama vs. John McCain