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How Much?

June 1, 2008 1 comment

Choosing a revenue model for an online business is a very difficult task. Advertising or subscription based? If subscription then how much? Not an easy question and possible one that should be placed in the hands of the buyer. As Radiohead displayed last fall you can still be profitable selling music even when the buyer decides on price. For some a Radiohead “CD” might be worth $20 or $30 dollars but for non-fans the value might only be $2. In today’s digital download era the cost of selling one copy is the same as selling one hundred copies. So when the cost to sell another copy is zero wouldn’t it be better to sell it at any price rather than not selling it at all?

Radiohead brought up a very interesting business concept in determining the value of a product. The cost of a product is not the same for everyone since not everyone values the product the same. Their choose your own price experiment brings up a very interesting revenue model for internet startups. Why not let your visitors choose the price of your service? Since it costs virtually nothing to add another subscriber to your website wouldn’t it be better to get $4 out of him rather than nothing at all? $4 might be less than expected but at least you have a new customer, four dollars and the potential to sell him additional services in the future. If you lost him to price then you’re out $4, a new customer and the potential for future income from him.

It’s this up-selling that Radiohead was betting on in terms of concert tickets and t-shirt sales. Internet entrepreneurs should be thinking of up-selling in terms of consulting services and new web applications. Since musicians can’t physically play more than 365 gigs a year the choose your own price model could become far more lucrative for the internet where the ability to scale is endless.


Video Post – Features & Benefits of Bizak

Many thanks go out to Nwokedi Idika for his terrific video post highlighting many of the features and benefits of Bizak.  Nwokedi is the founder of, a place where you can upload your video demonstrations, products and services.

Visit eSposure at:

Nwokedi’s Bizak Video

Comparative Analysis on

After many long months Bizak is almost ready to launch. We just finished our comparative analysis page (click image below for screen shot) and we will be opening up our tools for startups shortly. After a few weeks of data aggregation we’ll be opening up the site to investors and professionals.

Questions? Please feel free to contact me.
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Benchmarking Web 2.0

March 15, 2008 Leave a comment

Bizak Screen Shot

Well, after many months of development (and 2 months behind schedule) Bizak is soon set to release. The screen shot above gives you an idea of what Bizak looks like. The text below gives you an idea on what it will accomplish. To receive an invitation to our launch please click the link below:

Request an Invitation to Bizak’s Launch

Entrepreneurs use Bizak to calculate the profitability of their business according to website analytics and key performance indicators. With visitors, revenues and costs data, Bizak automatically computes revenues per visitor (RPV), costs per visitor (CPV), earnings (profit/loss), earnings per visitor (EPV) and valuation (The Bizak Estimate.) Each one of these calculations can then be compared to other startups and industry benchmarks. With these calculations entrepreneurs are then invited to join Bizak’s elite network of investors and business professionals who are eager to invest in your profitability.

Investors use Bizak to discover new investment opportunities. From the calculation of comparative benchmarks investors can evaluate the earnings potential of startups in comparison to their competitors and industry. The Bizak Estimate gives investors an approximate valuation of internet startups based on revenues, traffic and EPV. This valuation can then be compared to other startups and the industry mean. Investors can also quickly calculate high and low valuations from a range of revenue multipliers.

Professionals use Bizak’s comparative traffic analysis to discover new advertising and business opportunities. With Bizak professionals can target business partners according to industry, application type and revenue source. Startups can then be sorted and compared according to traffic, revenues, RPV, costs, CPV, EPV, earnings and the Bizak Estimate. Click on a specific company and it will provide you with their business summary, contact information, and monthly results.

Bizak is a TOKiBiz

Internet Business – Boston

January 28, 2008 3 comments

With some of the finest universities in the nation (Harvard, MIT, BC, BU) and a high quality of living & entertainment Boston has an abundance of leading technology and internet companies. Below is an ever expanding list of established & new technology & web 2.0 firms located in the greater Boston/Cambridge area.

Click on the firm’s name to visit their website

  1. Sayagle – Interconnecting the virtual and real worlds closer and safer.
  2. Sayaglify – An intelligent e-commerce hosting framework
  3. BostonTweet – real time updates about entertainment & events in Boston
  4. Bizak – Calculating & Creating Web 2.0 Profitability (Brookline Village Web 2.0 Startup)
  5. InfomedMD – Personalized Healthcare Information (Brookline & Fairfield, CT)
  6. – Site Analytics (Copley Square, Boston Technology Firm)
  7. RallyClock – track your time via web & instant messenger (Boston Web 2.0)
  8. Third Screen Media – Mobile Advertising (Black Falcon Avenue, Boston Tech Firm)
  9. Matchmine – media match (Needham, MA)
  10. MapRealty – Source for Real Estate Information (South Boston Internet Startup)
  11. Tabblo – photos & printing (Marlborough, MA)
  12. Peermeta – mobile access (Acton, MA)
  13. CitySquares – buy local (Boston Internet Startup)
  14. Visible Measures – audience behavior data from online video (Boston)
  15. Eons – online gathering site for 50+ year olds (Charlestown Navy Yard)
  16. uLocate – mobile application for finding people & places (Framingham, MA)
  17. EveryZing – digital media merchandising (Cambridge)
  18. Sermo – online community for physicians (Cambridge)
  19. RatePoint – Customer Feedback (Needham, Massachusetts)
  20. – care providers (Waltham Startup)
  21. Vlingo – text messaging without typing (Cambridge, MA)
  22. EMC – data storage (Hopkinton, MA)
  23. Molecular – Internet Consulting (Watertown, MA)
  24. MocoSpace – social network for mobile phone (Boston, MA Mobile Startup)
  25. TOKiBiz, Inc. – Creating Ideas Into Business. Founder of Bizak and InfomedMD (Brookline, MA Consulting Firm)
  26. Fortunate13 – Web Design (Arlington, MA)
  27. Lycos – directory (Waltham, MA)
  28. Monster – job board (Maynard, MA)
  29. Student Businesses – business plans by students (Cambridge, MA)
  30. StylePath -shopping recommendation (Lincoln, MA)
  31. WorkLight – enterprise application data (Newton, MA)
  32. Lookery – demographic marketing services for social networks (Boston)
  33. StyleFeeder – social bookmarking (Cambridge, MA)
  34. – connect with events (Boston, MA)
  35. Akami– web services (Cambridge, MA)
  36. Blackwave – internet video (Acton, MA)
  37. MyPunchbowl – party planning (Natick, MA)
  38. Endeca – search (Cambridge)
  39. Digitas – online marketing (Arch Street, Boston, MA)
  40. HubSpot – inbound marketing (Cambridge SEO Firm)
  41. VistaPrint – printed products (Lexington, MA)
  42. Fafarazzi – fantasy celebrity leagues (Somerville)
  43. Constant Contact – email marketing (Waltham)
  44. finetune – music playlists (Newton)
  45. GoLoco – match service for people needing car trips (Cambridge)
  46. TechTarget – IT Media (Needham, MA)
  47. EveryScape – 360 degree photos of popular attractions (Waltham)
  48. TripAdvisor – traveler reviews & advice (Needham, MA)
  49. iSkoot – communications (Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA)
  50. SpotScout – parking the mobile generation (Cambridge, MA)
  51. AuctionPAL – auction selling service (Waltham, MA)
  52. – online consumer health (Brookline Internet Company)
  53. ATG – e-commerce software (Cambridge)
  54. IMN – email marketing (Waltham)
  55. Xconomy – business & technology news (Cambridge)
  56. Virtual Iron Software – Virtualization Software (Lowell Tech Startup)
  57. Buzzwire – streaming technology for mobile devices
  58. iRobot – domestic robots (Burlington, MA)
  59. Aveska – Enterprise Access Governance (Waltham Startup)
  60. StyleFeeder – personal shopping Engine (Cambridge)
  61. Pixel Qi – $75 laptop (Hull, MA)
  62. Nimbit – music sales tool (Framingham)
  63. CoreBlox – locate & exchange information (Framingham)
  64. Kayak – travel search engine (Concord, MA)
  65. OurStage – fans choose independent musicians (Chelmsford)
  66. Plum – share resources & documents on Facebook (Lincoln, MA)
  67. TourFilter – Boston concert notifications (Cambridge, MA)
  68. Utterz – voice blogging (Maynard)
  69. CheapFlights – guide to cheap airfare (Boston Internet Startup)
  70. Novell – security software (Waltham)
  71. Fresh Tilled Soil – Web Design & Marketing (Wellesley Hills)
  72. HubSpot – Internet Marketing (Cambridge, MIT)
  73. WebsiteGrader – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools & Marketing (Cambridge, MIT Startup)
  74. ZoomInfo – business information search engine (Waltham Startup)
  75. Maven Networks – Internet TV (Cambridge, MA)
  76. NextWorth – Product trade ins (Haverhill, MA)
  77. PlatformQ – Virtual events (Needham, MA)
  78. Sensicast – Enterprise-class wireless sensor networks solutions (Needham Startup)
  79. PatientsLikeMe – “Patients Helping Patients” (Cambridge MA Health Care Information Startup)
  80. Ziggs – “Organizing & Connecting People” (Copley Square, Boston)
  81. ScanScout – Online video advertising (Boston)
  82. sjcallan Designs – Web design and development (Haverhill, MA)
  83. Renesys – Internet Intelligence (Manchester, NH)
  84. babbledog – Personalized stories & news (Manchester, NH)
  85. Skyhook Wireless – Wi-Fi Positioning used on iPhones & iPod Touch (Fort Point Channel, Boston)
  86. Big Fish Communications – PR, Marketing, Design, Web (Brookline Village)
  87. CampusLive – College Information (Amherst, MA)
  88. uTest – Software Testing Community (Ashland, MA)
  89. – Video Conferencing (Tremont Street, Boston)
  90. SiteSpect – Software to measure online marketing effectiveness (Beacon Street, Boston)
  91. permissionTV – Broadband television (Waltham, MA)
  92. EveryDoc – online resource for medical professionals (Quincy)
  93. Geezo – Social networking with personal financial management services (Framingham)
  94. GreenFuel Technologies – Alternative Energy (Cambridge)
  95. Surrge – Social network and online music store (Boston)
  96. Boston Dynamics – “Lifelike Human Simulation” (Waltham)
  97. – travel tools and resources (Boston)
  98. DoubleCheckMD – drugs & symptoms (Cambridge)
  99. TotSpot – a place for kids (Cambridge)
  100. Mzinga – enterprise community management (Burlington)
  101. StyleFeeder – personal shopping engine (Cambridge)
  102. Brightcove – online video platform (Cambridge)
  103. Gazelle – buy and sell electronics (Brighton)
  104. Vermonster – product development (Boston)
  105. Make Me Sustainable – energy saving software tools (Boston)
  106. FlipKey – verified vacation rental reviews (downtown Boston)
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