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Going Local in Boston

December 8, 2008 2 comments

Over the weekend we launched BostonTweet which provides real time Twitter updates about entertainment, promotions, crowds, menus & discounts at local Boston restaurants, bars, stores & venues. BostonTweet is a way for local business to stay connected with their customers via social media and messaging.

BostonTweet is categorized according to local cities (Boston, Brighton, Brookline, Cambridge & Somerville), hoods (Allston, Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Brookline Village, Central Square, Cleveland Circle, Coolidge Corner, Davis Square, Downtown Boston, Faneuil Hall, Fenway, Harvard Square, Inman Square, Jamaica Plain, Kenmore, North End, Porter Square, South End, Southie, Union Square & Washington Square) & @Replies.

Updates are broadcast to Twitter followers, Twitter search, Google, mobile phones, syndication feeds, blogs, and of course For local Boston businesses they can use BostonTweet to affordable and instantly connect with current and future customers.


Boston Restaurants, Bars, Stores & Entertainment – BostonTweet

November 26, 2008 Leave a comment
BostonTweet Logo


Over the next week TOKiBiz, in partnership with Fortunate13, will be launching BostonTweet. BostonTweet is an online platform for info about about specials, menus, entertainment, promotions & discounts at local Cambridge, Boston and Brookline restaurants, bars, stores & venues.

BostonTweet utilizes Twitter to broadcast to Twitter followers, Twitter search, mobile phones, Google, syndication feeds, blogs, and of course  

If you have the scoop on a local event either email BostonTweet at or leave an @Reply or DM to @BostonTweet on Twitter. We’ll then broadcast it to our followers, syndication, blogs and

If you’re a local Boston business and want to utilize social media & messaging to promote your business then contact BostonTweet at or 617-947-8071.

BostonTweet will be categorized according to Boston, Brookline & Cambridge neighborhoods. To commence these neighborhoods include:

  • Brookline: Washington Square, Coolidge Corner, Brookline Village
  • Cambridge: Harvard Square, Davis Square, Central Square, Porter Square
  • Boston: Back Bay, Beacon Hill, South End, North End, Southie, Kenmore, Downtown, Brighton, Allston

If you’re neighborhood isn’t included that doesn’t mean you can’t tweet us with updates – they’ll still be posted under our citywide listings.

How Much?

June 1, 2008 1 comment

Choosing a revenue model for an online business is a very difficult task. Advertising or subscription based? If subscription then how much? Not an easy question and possible one that should be placed in the hands of the buyer. As Radiohead displayed last fall you can still be profitable selling music even when the buyer decides on price. For some a Radiohead “CD” might be worth $20 or $30 dollars but for non-fans the value might only be $2. In today’s digital download era the cost of selling one copy is the same as selling one hundred copies. So when the cost to sell another copy is zero wouldn’t it be better to sell it at any price rather than not selling it at all?

Radiohead brought up a very interesting business concept in determining the value of a product. The cost of a product is not the same for everyone since not everyone values the product the same. Their choose your own price experiment brings up a very interesting revenue model for internet startups. Why not let your visitors choose the price of your service? Since it costs virtually nothing to add another subscriber to your website wouldn’t it be better to get $4 out of him rather than nothing at all? $4 might be less than expected but at least you have a new customer, four dollars and the potential to sell him additional services in the future. If you lost him to price then you’re out $4, a new customer and the potential for future income from him.

It’s this up-selling that Radiohead was betting on in terms of concert tickets and t-shirt sales. Internet entrepreneurs should be thinking of up-selling in terms of consulting services and new web applications. Since musicians can’t physically play more than 365 gigs a year the choose your own price model could become far more lucrative for the internet where the ability to scale is endless.

Creating Ideas Into Business

March 19, 2008 2 comments

TOKiBiz Green Logo

TOKiBiz (617-947-8071) helps entrepreneurs create ideas into business. We have partnered with a leading designer and a leading developer to help entrepreneurs convert their ideas into profitable internet companies. Unlike a typical web design firm we don’t just create websites but rather we create companies – developing your website is just one of the steps.

Everyone has ideas but how to create those ideas into an internet application is the difficult part. Creating that idea into a solid brand and profitable business is the very difficult part.  What we at TOKiBiz (617-947-8071) do is take an active role in every step of your business. The first step is your idea. TOKiBiz receives numerous requests to create ideas into business but the truth is we turn down the vast majority of them. We only partner with ideas that can be monetized and created into solid business models. This does not include placing Google Adsense on the site and praying that someone buys you out before the money runs dry. Google Adsense is not a business model.

Once we determine your target market and whether that market will pay for your services we then sit down with you to move forward from there. The next step is to lay out the plans for the online application and building the brand. Once we have scoped out all the technicals we then get to work building the site, creating the design and ultimately creating your idea into a brand and a logo. It’s amazing how a logo can transcend an idea into a brand.

Most firms stop here (and don’t care if a website makes money) but this is how TOKiBiz differs from a design firm. The business plan, revenue stream, the brand and the online application is just the beginning. Once these steps are completed you have a business to run and this is what we do best! From here TOKiBiz helps you run the daily essentials of an online business. This can include absolutely anything – talking to clients, online marketing, partnerships, public relations, quick responses to customer emails (essential) and much more.

By becoming a founding partner in your business we have a vested interest in the profitability and success of your application. We don’t just create your website, collect payment and leave.  TOKiBiz helps you run your online business to maximize revenues, traffic and corporate partners.

Location Based Social Networking

February 24, 2008 5 comments

TechCrunch published an article on Saturday about when an iPhone only social network application will launch. This is called Location Based Social Networking and it basically utilizes the location tracking software of iPhones (any phone with GPS for that matter) to “discover” individuals in your immediate proximity.

Location based social networking is definitely not new or revolutionary but very difficult (financially and technically) to implement. Since I don’t have the deep deep pockets to implement this application I thought I would share my ideas for a new web and mobile phone application that is built around a location based social network.

Location Based Social Network (LBSN)

A location based social networking application connects people from within a location rather then friends of friends. With Facebook you make friends and then view their photos. With a LBSN application you connect via location (bar, restaurant, Fenway Park, etc.), then view photos based on that location. Friends are made not by connections but rather locations – people who have been to the same place as you.


Facebook joins people with connections – who they know. A LBSN would make connections based on where we’ve been. Interactive maps “mark” a location (a bar, restaurant, concert hall, coffee shop, etc. ) The “mark” will then link to that location’s page (ie. Starbucks at Harvard Square) which contains a “news feed” of the latest photos/texts/videos captured from mobile devices at that location. The feed lists the most recent posts (photos, videos, text) to that location. Each post links to the profile of the subscriber who uploaded the photos/videos. You can then connect with the subscriber and add him/her to your friends list.

Sharing Posts from a Common Location

For example, college kids take a TON of pictures at bars – especially late at night. Everyone in the bar wants to see those pictures. Guys want to see pictures of the girls and the girls want to know who the guys are.

Say we are at Matt Murphy’s in Brookline Village. We log into LBSN with our mobile phone and it immediately knows our location to be Matt Murphy’s, Brookline. We then take a photo of our friends and send it to the social network. That photo automatically gets tagged according to location and gets added to the Matt Murphy’s (location) news feed for everyone to see. (Posts are also added to the subscriber’s news feed that both links to the post and the location where it was taken.)

Another guy at the end of the bar takes a video of his friends and sends it to LBSN. It too gets added to the Matt Murphy’s page for everyone to see. A girl sends a text to the LBSN commenting on the crowd at the bar.

Now everyone at Matt Murphy’s can view, watch and read the latest posts from the bar and comment back in real time. Their friends at home can log in via the web, view the Matt Murphy’s page and see all the fun they’re missing out on.

LBSN has become viral because it not only spreads via the web but also from word of mouth by individuals within the same location. A guy talking to a girl taking photos next to him wants to see them too so he registers with the social network right there at the bar.

The bar (location) has every incentive to promote their LBSN page. The more posts on their LBSN page (especially for bars) the more business it will draw. It’s a real time update of what’s happening right now at any given location. For those at home it’s sort of like a live web cam feed – but at NO cost to the location but of great benefit to them.

The bar (location) can also advertise specials on their LBSN page to promote repeat customers. The bar already knows that everyone has already been there so the potential (via advertising) to get them back is much easier. Advertisements can also be disguised as photos, texts and/or videos built directly into the news feed – seen both by those currently at the bar and at home.


The same premise can work for business connections whether at a meeting, conference or trade show. Take a video of the conference and everyone at that location can view it. Advertisers can sneak business card into the news feed and the conference hall can promote upcoming events.


A location based social networking application would work perfectly for concerts. Not only can people at the concerts view live photos from others but more importantly those at home can view videos of the event while it’s happening. Those at home can visit the Fenway Park location to view photos and videos of The Police show while it’s happening. If they don’t know where The Police are playing they can go directly to The Police LBSN page and (with tagging) see the real time feed from Fenway Park. They can also view previous videos from Madison Square Garden, Chicago and more.

History on Your Phone

By enabling the viewing of posts based on location you can in essence view the digital history of that location. If you’re standing in the middle of a ball field you can turn on your LBSN phone and view photos and videos from games past. While at the MFA you can view posts that others took when previous exhibits where on display. View photos from a party in your dorm room before you actually lived there.

A location based social networking application allows you to capture video/photos in real time and view the digital history of a particular location while at that location. YouTube, Flickr and Facebook display photos/videos from the past – location based social networking is right now!

Source: Tom O’Keefe at If you want to develop a location based social networking site, or want to help Tom fund, implement and/or develop a location based social network, then feel free to contact him at 617-947-8071 or the email above.

What (and Who) is Bizak?

January 8, 2008 Leave a comment

We at TOKiBiz are progressing nicely with the development of Bizak and we’ve recently published a PDF giving you a bit more information about Bizak.  The PDF also contains a slight glimpse of the web application.  Please feel free to download the PDF (via the link below), copy it to your computer and email it to your friends.

About Bizak

Google Street View Hits Boston

December 11, 2007 Leave a comment

Google Maps released the street view application today for the city of Boston including the surrounding towns such as Brookline, Newton, Allston/Brighton, Quincy, Waltham, Belmont, Cambridge, Medford, Lexington, Melrose, Roxbury, Dorchester and downtown such as Beacon Hill, Back Bay, The North End, South End, Southie, Charlestown and Fenway Park in Kenmore Square.

Street View allows you to take a virtual walk down any street in Boston viewing landmorks, shops, cars, people and trees just as if you were walking down the street in reality. You have the ability to rotate 360 degrees and in some cases you can drive the wrong way down Beacon Street.

Street View was also released today in Providence, Dallas, Fort Worth, Indianapolis, Detroit, Minneapolis, and St. Paul.