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Twitter Feedback Applications

January 28, 2009 Leave a comment

This evening we launched our latest Twitter application for BostonTweet. BostonTweet provides real time Twitter updates about entertainment, promotions, crowds, menus & discounts at local Boston restaurants, bars, stores & venues. With our new application followers of BostonTweet (both Twitter and non-Twitter) can view, search and read the reviews and replies about Boston food and entertainment.

As I previously wrote in Corporate Messaging & Customer Feedback Applications these applications are available for customization for corporations, restaurants, websites, radio stations and any business who wants instant feedback on their product and services.

BostonTweet has been active for just over a month now with close to 2,000 followers and many great conversations.  To follow BostonTweet visit Twitter, to view some of our  previous conversations visit the links below.


Webnotes Launch!

December 11, 2008 Leave a comment

Congratulations to my friends at Webnotes for launching their invite-only beta yesterday. If you don’t already know, Webnotes was founded by a handful of MIT grads and it lets you annotate, share and organize notes on any web page.

  •  Annotate the Web- “With Webnotes you can highlight text and stick notes to web pages”
  • Organize Notes – “All highlights and notes are stored in folders with your Webnotes account”
  • Share Comments – “Pages you annotate can be shared through email or online links”

On their first day Webnotes was featured on a number of blogs including, ReadWriteWeb, Mashable, and VentureBeat.

To register for their beta please visit I also have a handful of invitations available to my readers so if you’re interested just comment (with your email) to this post.

Boston Events

November 30, 2008 Leave a comment


Over the weekend Paul Yeaton of Fortunate13 and I were busy developing BostonTweet. The technology has been finalized, but we’re still working on the design. We hope to have the app launched within a few days.  

For now follow BostonTweet on Twitter!

BostonTweet: real time Twitter updates about entertainment, promotions, crowds, events, menus & discounts at local Boston restaurants, bars stores & venues.

Tweet the Scoop: Have the scope on a local Boston hotspot? Email, text (617-947-8071) or @Reply us happenings in Boston.

Boston Business: Connect with your customers and promote your business. Email, text or call 617-947-8071.

BostonTweet will cover Boston Events in Boston, Cambridge & Brookline. Each region will be categorized according to the following neighborhoods:

Boston: South End, North End, Back Bay, Kenmore, Downtown Boston, Beacon Hill, Allston, Brighton, Jamaica Plain, 

Cambridge: Harvard Square, Porter Square, Davis Square, Central Square

Brookline: Washington Square, Coolidge Corner, Brookline Village

Stay current on all the latest postings on BostonTweet by adding the follow code to your website. 

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Webinno – Cambridge, MA

November 28, 2008 Leave a comment

I’m happy to announce that infoMedMD will be one of the side dishes at the next Webinno. Webinno 20 will be held at the Royal Sonesta Cambridge hotel on Tuesday December 9th at 6:30pm.

A side dish means that infoMedMD will occupy one of the periphery tables in the conference room for demonstrating infoMedMD. The entire list of presenters at Webinno 20 are:

Main Dishes

TripChill – Alex Shore, Dave Miller, & Chris Holt 
Local Motors – John B. Rogers, Jr. 
Crimson Hexagon – Candace Fleming & Perry Hewitt

Side Dishes

Pixabilty – Bettina Hein, Dale Bertrand, & Randy Barth 
Tipjoy – Abby Kirigin & Ivan Kirigin 
HelpGuest – Mark Abrams & Jim Dowd 
InfoMedMD – Thomas O’Keefe 
Genotrope – Thomas Summit 
Photrade – Andrew Paradies & Dan Preston

I will be joined by Paul Yeaton of Fortunate13 (designer of infoMedMD) so if you there please stop by and say hi. – Tom O’Keefe

To register for the event please visit the URL below:

Boston Restaurants, Bars, Stores & Entertainment – BostonTweet

November 26, 2008 Leave a comment
BostonTweet Logo


Over the next week TOKiBiz, in partnership with Fortunate13, will be launching BostonTweet. BostonTweet is an online platform for info about about specials, menus, entertainment, promotions & discounts at local Cambridge, Boston and Brookline restaurants, bars, stores & venues.

BostonTweet utilizes Twitter to broadcast to Twitter followers, Twitter search, mobile phones, Google, syndication feeds, blogs, and of course  

If you have the scoop on a local event either email BostonTweet at or leave an @Reply or DM to @BostonTweet on Twitter. We’ll then broadcast it to our followers, syndication, blogs and

If you’re a local Boston business and want to utilize social media & messaging to promote your business then contact BostonTweet at or 617-947-8071.

BostonTweet will be categorized according to Boston, Brookline & Cambridge neighborhoods. To commence these neighborhoods include:

  • Brookline: Washington Square, Coolidge Corner, Brookline Village
  • Cambridge: Harvard Square, Davis Square, Central Square, Porter Square
  • Boston: Back Bay, Beacon Hill, South End, North End, Southie, Kenmore, Downtown, Brighton, Allston

If you’re neighborhood isn’t included that doesn’t mean you can’t tweet us with updates – they’ll still be posted under our citywide listings.


September 11, 2008 Leave a comment

I’ve recently received a few emails asking if TOKiBiz, Inc. works with corporations in addition to our work with startups?  The answer is a resounding yes!  

Corporations are obviously a different beast than startups but both can benefit from an outside, experienced perspective on the integration of Web 2.0 into their business.  With corporations we tend to focus on new applications that can complement or add to their current business.  Anything from the integration of a social network for employees and/customers to strategizing the integration of their data into a more web friendly subscription model platform.

I tend to prefer working with people face to face so if you’re located in the Boston metro please feel free to call me (617-947-8071) so we can book a meeting.

Online Notes from WebNotes – A Cambridge Startup

July 27, 2008 1 comment

I forgot to mention that I attended WebInno18 a couple of weeks ago.  The event was packed, which made it difficult to find anyone, however one great thing that came from the conference was being introduced (via their presentation) to WebNotes.  

Created by a bunch of MIT students in Cambridge, WebNotes enables users to “create and manage online annotations.”  In the simplest terms WebNotes makes it easy to highlight text on any web page, save that text to a folder, add sticky notes and share those highlights & sticky notes (directly on the web page) with anyone you want.  If you use the web for research, WebNotes is a terrific service for organizing your findings. Check them out at

In the last few weeks there has been a bunch of great tech events in Boston, including the WebInno mentioned above.  Next on the list is SummerMash Boston (Mashable) which I’ll also be attending – hope to see you there.