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Google Adsense or Advertising Model?

October 1, 2008 3 comments

According to Bizak, in house advertising campaigns are more profitable for entrepreneurs than Google Adsense.  Websites who implement Adsense have an EPV of $0.07 compared to sites who manage their own advertising who earn $0.17 per visitor.  I actually think the Adsense EPV ($0.07) is a bit high and it will come down with more data.  However, compare Adsense to subscriptions ($0.35 EPV), consulting fees ($2.29 EPV) and product sales ($10.64 EPV) and Google Adsense is a poor decision for startups and websites.  

One benefit of Google Adsense is that it’s very easy to implement and the costs associated with that implementation are very low.  Sites with Adsense have the lowest CPV (Cost per Visitors) at just $0.03 – In House Advertising is more difficult to implement and therefore have a CPV of $0.12.  To no surprise product sales requires some of the highest startup costs with a $4.34 CPV – subscriptions are at $0.39 and consulting registers a $1.62 CPV.


Bizak’s Revenue & Business Model

September 11, 2008 Leave a comment

Here is another slide from Vencorp’s Mashable Startup Showdown.  This video is a bit longer at 2:49 and this time around I’m discussing (in detail) Bizak’s current revenue model.  The discussion also talks about our plans to syndicate our data via XML (available soon for $4,000/month) and the integration of professional consulting services for both startups and investors.

For the high quality version of this video please click here.

Financial Analysis – Bizak’s Root

August 27, 2008 Leave a comment

Bizak’s idea is rooted in the financial analysis and EPS of public companies. What I’m trying to do is create an average performance metric for startups according to their industry, business type (wiki, blog, etc.) and revenue source (Adsense, consulting, etc.) and any and all combination of the three. Bizak computes (and creates benchmarks) for visitors, revenues, revenues per visitor (RPV), costs, CPV, earnings, EPV and valuation. This will allow startups to view their performance to their industry, other industries and possible more importantly the ability to research what industries, types and revenues are good business models.

Leveraging our tools with and/or partnering with investment firms?  A partnership includes the integration of our data/benchmarks with the investment firm (via XML feed) in return increasing everyone’s exposure to internet startups.

Comparative Analysis, Web Analytics, Financials & Benchmarks

Last evening, in addition to infoMedMD, we at TOKiBiz also launched the industry benchmarks for

If you’re already registered with Bizak just login and you’ll see a nice new navigation bar for you.  If you haven’t registered with Bizak you can do see via the website worth page.

For additional information and definitions about the benchmarks please click on the image below.  For a full size screenshot please see full size screenshot.




Website Worth & Valuation

June 25, 2008 2 comments

Rick Breslin of the Drive Thru Internet Marketing Podcast recently interviewed Tom O’Keefe about the benefits of Bizak for both startups and investors. Topics in the video podcast include:

  • What is Bizak?
  • Website Worth and Industry Data Comparison
  • Startups Can Register for Free
  • Investors Can Find Prospective Online Ventures
  • The Bizak Calculator – Earnings per Visitor (EPV)

Myspace Revenues & Valuation Compared to Facebook

June 23, 2008 3 comments

Myspace RevenuesFacebook recently overtook the number one worldwide visitors title from Myspace but Rupert Murdoch & News Corp. are probably not concerned. In July 2005 News Corp. purchased Myspace for $580 million. This year Myspace is expected to generate 2008 revenues of $800 million. In comparison Facebook revenues for 2008 are expected to be $350 million.

Without costs that $800 million for Facebook equates to a $3.2 billion dollar valuation (source: Bizak’s business valuation) for Myspace. It turns out that Rupert made another very smart investment.

If you use the same costs figures for Myspace that I used for Facebook (approximately $26 million/year or $2,166,666.00/month) then we can get a better comparison.

Revenues: Myspace $800 Million, Facebook $350 Million

Earnings per Visitor: Myspace $1.08, Facebook $0.84*

*Facebook’s EPV is based on 32 million visitors. Change Facebook’s visitors to equal Myspace (60 million) and their EPV drops to $0.45

Valuation: Myspace $3.174 Billion, Facebook $1.374 Billion

Winner: Myspace & Rupert Murdoch

Visually Myspace is still very sloppy but they’re getting better – just in time for Rupert to sell Myspace for a huge profit.  Maybe experience does help when running a company??!!

Product Sales Top Earnings per Visitor, Adsense the Lowest Earnings

June 17, 2008 1 comment

According to current estimates on companies that rely on product sales have the highest average earnings per visitor (EPV) at $4.35. Google Adsense comes in with the lowest EPV of $0.06.

Google Adsense makes up almost 22% of all startups listed on Bizak yet they bring in the lowest amount of earnings. Product sales account for 17.4% of all business models, affiliate marketing 10.8%, services 16.7%, subscriptions 8% and in house advertising 25%.

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