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And the Winner is…?

October 3, 2008 Leave a comment

Not sure yet, but I’m assuming it’s not Bizak, which means we’re still looking for seed financing for both TOKiBiz and Bizak. Additional info:

If you don’t know what I’m talking about (in regards to winning) please read Mashable’s Startup Showdown



September 11, 2008 1 comment

I’m working on Bizak’s presentation for the Mashable Startup Showdown and here’s a small snippet of the 10 minute presentation.  This slide is just 12 seconds long and talks about the features available to startups and entrepreneurs.  

For the high quality version of this video please click here.

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Comparing Startup Performance

September 5, 2008 Leave a comment

Below is my answer to a post on VenCorps in regards to using Bizak to compare the performance of new startups to those of established web applications. – Tom

I definitely agree that a company in beta is not an apples to apples comparison to one that’s been around for 5 years. I’ve added a lot of parameters to the sort function (Industry, Type & Revenues) to give niche companies more of an opportunity to stand out but there will be cases where the comparisons might not be perfect. However, with growth additional industries & types can (and likely will) be added to the sort thus giving niches more exposure and individuality.

As for the maturity comparison it might be a good idea to add another parameter to the mix that allows one to sort (and compute) benchmarks according to age – for example the metrics for all of those companies in beta. That can then be broken down to all social networks in beta, etc. A visual of how the benchmarks look (and work) can be seen by the video at Of course you can also view the usability of the site (for startups) by registering with Bizak.

Back to the established players, most of the startups who register with Bizak are relatively new. I’m sure over time the age of startups will increase but the big players like Facebook & YouTube will likely not want to reveal their numbers. As I mentioned above a lot of the ideas for Bizak came from the coverage and aggregation of financials (especially earnings) by Wall Street analysts. As you know analysts cover a particular stock and write reports on that stock forecasting their earnings & revenues expectations. Companies like Thomson First Call aggregate this data into “the street” for when the company announces earnings. Having been one of those analysts for 7 years it’s likely that at some point we’ll do our own research on the top internet companies and integrate those numbers into the database and/or create reports for sale integrating all of the data. Of course private firms are not required to reveal this information so a lot of digging will be needed to get costs and revenue data – traffic is obviously easy to find. Via my blog I’ve analyzed some of the big players including YouTubeFacebookMySpace, and for fun Twitter.

I’m a firm believer that internet startups need to also offer “offline” services to their mix. With Bizak I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the amount of services (in addition to the website) that I can see us offering startups in the future. The additional research (above) being one but also a startup’s need to create a professional business valuation/consultation when applying for funding is another. Also, the web development/incubation services that I offer via TOKiBiz is another – infoMedMD is an example of our first venture in this field.

Mashable’s Startup Showdown

September 1, 2008 5 comments

Tom O’Keefe is very excited to announce that Bizak is one of the finalists in Mashable’s Startup Showdown.

The Mashable Startup Showdown is supported by VenCorps, a Spencer Trask “community for discovering, funding and growing startup companies.”  With the Mashable Startup Showdown 9 finalists advance for a chance to win a $50,000 investment from Spencer Trask and 50,000 points to be used within the VenCorps community.

We at Bizak are very excited for this opportunity and recognition.


August 29, 2008 Leave a comment

I recently spent some time on YouNoodle to test their Startup Predictor.   YouNoodle’s Startup Predictor estimates what your startup will be worth in 3 years – Bizak estimates (based on revenues) what your startup is worth right now.  From the YouNoodle questions it appears that they calculate your startup’s valuation based on the probability of success and the previous success of similar startups and entrepreneurs. For example, I have 13 years of online experience so my guess would be that I have a higher valuation or probability of success than someone with only 1 year of experience?

My initial interest in YouNoodle was because my startup, Bizak, calculates valuation based on revenues and in essence could be seen as a competitor.  However, this information could be very interesting and possible useful for Bizak – especially on the consulting side. In addition to the Bizak Benchmarks it could also be beneficial to offer startups this probability of success data. For example an entrepreneur looking to start a business network can use Bizak to determine the average valuation of startups in his industry is $100,000. They can then use YouNoodle’s probability of success data to determine that for entrepreneurs with over 5 years of experience the average valuation jumps to $500,000. That would be a very interesting combination of data! This combination would be very beneficial to investors in the form of direct data, research papers and consulting services. With this information we can decrease investors’ investment risk by providing them with both an estimate of future valuation and which type of entrepreneurs have a higher probability of success.

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July 28, 2008 1 comment

Here’s a VERY ROUGH video of Bizak’s benchmarks.  The video is bad but the benchmarks are good!