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Microsoft Live Search Coming to Facebook

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) announced yesterday that that they will be integrating Microsoft Live Search into Facebook.  This really should come as no surprise since Facebook can thank Microsoft for their excessive valuation – the least they can do is allow Microsoft to promote Live.  

It remains to be seen if Microsoft can do a better job, then Google with Myspace, monetizing their search partnership.  Back in 2006 Microsoft was also in contention for Myspace’s search rights but they lost to Google.  As I’ve noted in a couple of previous articles, Facebook Worth & Facebook Revenues, Microsoft’s $15 billion valuation of Facebook is almost three times higher then the next closet valuation.  Microsoft’s valuation of Facebook is still absurd but I’m sure a lot of the reasoning behind it was to guarantee that Google didn’t beat them again.


Advertising Preferred Business Model for 58% of Startups

June 16, 2008 2 comments

Revenue Models of Web Internet StartupsAccording to the latest numbers from Bizak (and to no surprise),  58% of startups rely on advertising as their primary revenue model.

Of this 58%, 25% use in house advertising, 22% implement Google Adsense and 11% use affiliate marketing services like Commission Junction.

Less than 1% of startups use Yahoo Search Marketing or Microsoft Search Advertising


Search Engine Market Share

February 11, 2008 2 comments


According to, Googled ushered in the new year with its largest search market share to date – 68.6%. Up almost 7 percentage points in comparison to January 2007 – Yahoo declined 6% during that time and MSN remained relatively stable.

The interesting analysis to these numbers is that the top five search engines (Yahoo, MSN Live, ASK & AOL) combined don’t equal half of Google’s market share. Actually the combination of all the other search engines only equals 30.8%. Yahoo + MSN Live = 25.4%. This obviously gives Google a lot of capital to work with. Capital that is enforced on websites who must abide by Google’s rules of search engine optimization or else pay the consequences. This gives Google monopolistic control over websites whose sole existence relies on Google. If the website violates one of Google’s rules (many times unwittingly) they then could be banned from the directory thus ceasing the vast majority of their traffic. It’s to bad that in cases like these websites can’t have peace of mind knowing that MSN and Yahoo would be able to pick up the slack. There will come a time in the near future when websites give up on the one search engine internet that we see today. PPC has already priced out the small players and SEO can cost $100,000/year thus making organic rankings out of their reach too.

As I mentioned in Future Search Engines there must be more to the combined (if it happens) Yahoo and MSN merger then just grabbing 25% of the search market. First of Microsoft is sacrificing the present (most noticeably in stock price) to become the reigning online king in the next 5 years. Search will most likely take a new approach in the next five years and Microsoft (and I’m assuming Google too) knows this. Knowing that the internet is becoming a crowded place that will soon reach a saturation point (which means decline PPC income) search must create a new radical platform to placate the small to mid level internet companies & websites.

Yahoo + Microsoft = Better Search?

February 1, 2008 1 comment

Today Microsoft and Steve Ballmer announced their intention to buy Yahoo for $44.6 Billion in an attempt to take back search from Google. The two companies have a number of synergies (search, mail, instant messaging) whose operating costs will decline with a merged entity. This is all obviously good however this merger is all about search technology and taking a chunk of Google’s profits. According to Ballmer online advertising is currently a $40 Billion business and he expects it to double to $80 Billion by 2010.

Can the combined minds of Yahoo search and MSN Live beat Google? I think both Yahoo and especially MSN have come a long way in improving their search results however the biggest burden with this merger is public perception – convincing people that a combined Yahoo and Microsoft means search. Currently when people think of search they think Google and even if the combined entity creates a better platform they still have to convince the public to change their routines. The technology could be the easy part.

Since all of us already have preconceptions about Yahoo and MSN it will be very difficult to convince us otherwise. With that I think Yahoo and MSN can beat Google by creating an entirely new search engine that combines the brains of both companies into a new powerful destination. A search engine with a new brand, name and destination (not MSN Live) that’s not obviously connected with the new Microsoft/Yahoo and gives the appearance of a new fresh hot startup. This way Microsoft/Yahoo can create a new image of search that doesn’t have immediate negative perceptions, all while collecting a larger chunk of that $80 Billion.

Update: Google’s Response

Paid Links

January 12, 2008 Leave a comment

When Google came on to the scene one aspect of their algorithm that set them apart was PageRank.  PageRank (PR) was calculated on a scale of 0 to 10 and based heavily on the number and quality of links to your site.  Of course over time link farms & paid links were devised to beat the system, increase search engine results and therefore gain more traffic.  

The link below is an interview that webproworld conducted with Microsoft – a search engine that is getting a lot better and not as temperamental as Google!!  The video talks about MSN’s stance on paid links from sites such as Text Link Ads.  Google flat out bans paid links and your site will be penalized if you use them.  MSN takes a softer approach and won’t ban you for using paid links but they certainly don’t recommend them.

One more thing!  

I think MSN has come along significantly in their search capabilities and seem to do a better job indexing sites based on search engine optimization (SEO) practices.  As mentioned above Google is very temperamental and bans sites at will – it’s becoming quite annoying and I think opening the door for a better (and new) search engine.  Unfortunately MSN is not used nearly as often as Google so even if you place prominently on their site you still won’t get a lot of significant traffic.  In the search business neither Yahoo or MSN will knock off Google mainly because they are old/established names that everyone already has preconceptions about.  It will take a new smart startup to set Google straight.   

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