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October 22, 2009 1 comment

Sayabit LogoToday Techcrunch wrote about Sayagle‘s first product called Sayabit, a links based file storage service which not only shortens and redirects long URLs but also gives you the ability to upload images, documents & files for sharing via short personalized URLs.

About Sayabit

Sayabit, pronounced “SAY A BIT”, is a links based file storage service from Sayagle which not only shortens and redirects long URLs but also gives you the ability to upload images, documents & files for sharing via short personalized URLs.

  • Upload & store your images, documents, PDFs, excel files & powerpoint presentations
  • Transfer large files seamlessly via email, Twitter & instant messenger
  • Password protect your important documents & images
  • Shorten and redirect long URLs
  • Know when and where your files are being viewed
  • Personalized URLs to easily share all your files at once
  • Access the historical performance of your links & files
  • Monitor Twitter conversations about your links & files
  • Unlimited memory capacity to store as much as you want

Sayabit is powered by Sayagle and headquartered in Cambridge, MA. Sayagle is the first location-based social networking marketplace that allows users to collaborate, connect and communicate with friends and merchants, anytime, anywhere.

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August 18, 2009 Leave a comment

sayagle_logoAfter more than a year of development Sayagle is almost here. Sayagle is the first location based social networking marketplace that connects consumers with friends and merchants in real time. By integrating the web with mobile communications, social mapping, instant messaging and enterprise level security Sayagle has created one of the safest and most effective collaboration and networking platforms known.

mockup-IM-loginSayagleIM enables friends, classmates and colleagues to communicate across all mediums & networking platforms for unrestricted messaging. With drag and drop file transfers classmates & colleagues can collaborate on files no matter the size or number of recipients. Have an event to promote? Create and distribute the logistics via SayagleIM for broadcast to your connections. Think of SayagleIM as command central that controls all of your communication across the major Internet platforms – while also notifying you of events hosted by friends and discounts from your favorite merchants.

When online SayagleWeb combines your real world with the virtual one by being the first platform to effectively create a symbiotic relationship between merchant and customers. This symbiotic relationship enables customers to request bulk discounts from merchants by forming influential buying groups centered around a specific product or service. For merchants, Sayagle’s advanced coomunication tools give you a direct form of communication with users to broadcast last minute specials & bulk discounts to customers.

mockup-phone-iconSet to launch in September 2009, Sayagle Mobile integrates SuperDeals with the communication features of SayagleIM and the mapping of Sayagle Web. On Sayagle Mobile SuperDeals are published to you based on both your home address and your current physical location. Sayagle Mobile is also highly focused on security! With the Sayagle SOS button users can instantly notify emergency contacts of their exact whereabouts in times of distress – giving everyone peace of mind.

Sayagle is the brainchild of Ken Huang who built Sayagle on robust clusters of state-of-art server infrastructure with high availability and implemented with the latest stable enterprise level virtualization technologies and SAN storage. Ken leads a team of experienced professionals who individually have at least 13 years of IT infrastructure experience, 10 years of R&D experience and 8 years of business experience.

For media inquiries please contact me, Tom O’Keefe, at 617-947-8071. Sayagle is currently self-funded but we are seeking additional financing. If interested please also contact Tom.


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Virtual Goods & Profits

August 10, 2009 1 comment

Sayagle was once again mentioned in the latest Mass High Tech article on virtual goods. The article focuses on the Cambridge based Viximo but includes the following about Sayagle:

Sayagle Inc., a location-based services provider, launched in private alpha last month, has future plans to reward frequent users with virtual ‘pets,’ endowed with artificial intelligence designed to fetch and filter desired goods and services. 

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Sayagle in Mass High Tech

Sayagle MHTSayagle is featured in this week’s edition of Mass High Tech.

The application will let users get together based on location and common interest, to form ad-hoc buying groups that can use the leverage in their numbers to negotiate special offers on goods and services — everything from lunch to concert tickets and big-screen TV’s, said company founder Ken Huang.

“Sayagle is a real-time communication platform,” Huang said. “It actually brings the consumers and merchants — the two sectors — together.”

Huang, who is also a co-founder at the web-based annotation service WebNotes Inc. admits it will be difficult to draw users away from established location-based networks like Google Inc.’s (Nasdaq: GOOG) Latitude and Boston-based uLocate Communications Inc.’s Where application. He hopes to do so with a built-in instant-message application that integrates with AOL, Google and MSN chat networks, and allows users to quickly post photos and screenshots for friends.Sayagle bridges the real world with the virtual one unlike any application previously known.  By integrating the web with mobile communications, social mapping, instant messaging and enterprise level security Sayagle has created the safest location based social network ever known.

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What is Sayagle?



April 22, 2009 Leave a comment

Sayagle LogoThe Sayagle countdown has begun! Sayagle will be Boston’s flagship internet company and the next big thing on the web!

Follow Sayagle on Twitter @Sayagle

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