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Internet Earnings

November 7, 2008 Leave a comment

Below is a chart of the current (October 2008) average benchmarks for websites who contribute to Bizak. Numbers are averages for Visitors, Revenues, Revenues per Visitor (RPV), Costs, Earnings, Earnings per Visitor (RPV) and Valuation. Bizak is categorized into industry, website type and revenue source. The chart below lists the averages for website type and revenue source.   

Internet Statistics


Greenbeetz – Green Solutions for a Better Planet

November 4, 2008 Leave a comment

greenbetzMany thanks to Robert O’Keefe (no relation) for stopping by the other day to pitch his new startup called Greenbeetz. Greenbetz “is an online community for going green” which integrates many features of Digg and My Starbucks Idea into promoting ideas for making our lives more environmentally friendly.   

Greenbeetz will likely launch at the beginning of the year and they join many other local Boston environmentally friendly websites including MakeMeSustainable, which tracks your energy consumption and environmental impact.

Startup Statistics from Bizak

September 26, 2008 1 comment

Bizak allows entrepreneurs to categorize and search for startups according to industry, business type and revenue source.  As of September 26, 2008, Internet industry startups utilizing social networking tools with in house advertising is the most popular type of startup.  

The stickies below outline the most popular types of startups in their respective categories.  Google Adsense still remains very popular at 20% of all revenue models, even though I feel that it has become worthless.  My preference has always been a subscription model in one form or another – Bizak and infoMedMD both integrate a subscription model with corporate services.  Deciding whether to offer services for Free or Not Free are usually the deciding factors between a subscription or advertising model and whether you’re targeting consumers or corporations.  Generally speaking, consumers want your product for free whereas corporations are willing to pay for value added services and/or data. 

Top Startup Industries on Bizak:  Internet (35%), Arts & Entertainment (9%), Computers & Electronics (8%), Business (4%), Politics & Media (4%) and Retail (4%).

Top Website Types on Bizak:  Social Networking (16%), Ecommerce (14%), Consulting Services (11%), Content (9%), Blogs (9%), Video (6%), and Business Networking (6%).

Top Revenue Sources on Bizak:  In-House Advertising (22%), Google Adsense (20%), Product Sales (20%), Consulting Fees (17%), and Subscriptions (11%).  Back in May I also highlighted the top revenue sources on Bizak and it’s good to see with more data that Google Adsense has decreased significantly while product sales have increased.  Based on our statistics in May 2008 (a month after launch) Google Adsense was at 39%, Product sales at 14% and In-House Advertising was 12%.  Subscriptions and Services have remained relatively constant at 11% and still less then 1% use Microsoft Search Advertising and Yahoo Search Marketing for revenues.

NrMe – A Location Based (Twitter Like) iPhone App

August 25, 2008 2 comments

Last week the location based, Twitter like service called NrMe went live on the iPhone Application store.  NrMe is a terrific service that allows you to notify anyone within 9 blocks of what’s happening right now.  For example, you can use NrMe to notify your entire neighborhood that there is an hour wait at the local bar.

NrMe and Brightkite are two location based applications that I like a lot, however for either of them to become useful they need to become as common as Facebook or Twitter.  I prefer NrMe for its simplicity, but so far there are very few (and I mean few) people using NrMe in Boston.  

In order for NrMe to become a local grassroots news service it needs hundreds (if not thousands) of users in a single neighborhood.  My fear is this isn’t going to happen and it will take Facebook or Twitter to implement their own location based service.  I hope NrMe wins this one.

Download: NrMe on the iTunes Application Store (opens up iTunes)

Facebook’s Revenues

June 6, 2008 6 comments

Facebook ValuationEarlier this year Mark Zuckerberg reported that Facebook revenues for 2007 were $150 million and expects that number to be $350 million (approximately $29 million/month) in 2008. According to Facebook had almost 32 million visitors in May 2008. According to FishTrain Facebook has data center costs of approximately $26 million/year or $2,166,666.00/month.

Enter those estimates into the Bizak Calculator and you get a $0.84 EPV ($0.91 RPV – before costs) and a valuation of $1,373,999,976 (that’s billion). Much less than the estimated $15 billion valuation (based on Microsoft’s investment of $240 million for a 1.6% equity stake) but higher than YouTube’s valuation and EPV.

$15 Billion Dollar Valuation

Based on these revenue and cost estimates, Facebook needs to generate over $313 million a month in revenues (almost $4 billion/year) and have an EPV of $9.71 to have a valuation of $15 billion.

Facebook\'s $15 Billion Valuation

Internet Startup Comparison Charts & Benchmarks

April 30, 2008 Leave a comment

Comparison Charts

Bizak launched its beta site on Tuesday April 29, 2008.

Bizak is currently in beta allowing startups to contribute their projects for computing profitability.  Once enough data has been aggregated then the comparative benchmarks will be available to both startups and investors.

Startups Registration