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August 18, 2009 Leave a comment

sayagle_logoAfter more than a year of development Sayagle is almost here. Sayagle is the first location based social networking marketplace that connects consumers with friends and merchants in real time. By integrating the web with mobile communications, social mapping, instant messaging and enterprise level security Sayagle has created one of the safest and most effective collaboration and networking platforms known.

mockup-IM-loginSayagleIM enables friends, classmates and colleagues to communicate across all mediums & networking platforms for unrestricted messaging. With drag and drop file transfers classmates & colleagues can collaborate on files no matter the size or number of recipients. Have an event to promote? Create and distribute the logistics via SayagleIM for broadcast to your connections. Think of SayagleIM as command central that controls all of your communication across the major Internet platforms – while also notifying you of events hosted by friends and discounts from your favorite merchants.

When online SayagleWeb combines your real world with the virtual one by being the first platform to effectively create a symbiotic relationship between merchant and customers. This symbiotic relationship enables customers to request bulk discounts from merchants by forming influential buying groups centered around a specific product or service. For merchants, Sayagle’s advanced coomunication tools give you a direct form of communication with users to broadcast last minute specials & bulk discounts to customers.

mockup-phone-iconSet to launch in September 2009, Sayagle Mobile integrates SuperDeals with the communication features of SayagleIM and the mapping of Sayagle Web. On Sayagle Mobile SuperDeals are published to you based on both your home address and your current physical location. Sayagle Mobile is also highly focused on security! With the Sayagle SOS button users can instantly notify emergency contacts of their exact whereabouts in times of distress – giving everyone peace of mind.

Sayagle is the brainchild of Ken Huang who built Sayagle on robust clusters of state-of-art server infrastructure with high availability and implemented with the latest stable enterprise level virtualization technologies and SAN storage. Ken leads a team of experienced professionals who individually have at least 13 years of IT infrastructure experience, 10 years of R&D experience and 8 years of business experience.

For media inquiries please contact me, Tom O’Keefe, at 617-947-8071. Sayagle is currently self-funded but we are seeking additional financing. If interested please also contact Tom.


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Is Health 2.0 the Beginning of Web 3.0?

November 25, 2008 4 comments

In a previous article, Web 2.No More, I wrote about how the current economic conditions are moving us into a new web life cycle. Away from Web 2.0 and into Web 3.0 where the leading web applications will focus more on solving critical problems rather than creating love connections.  In that post I wrote:

Health 2.0 applications like SermoinfoMedMD & PatientsLikeMe are in their infancy but they’re quickly providing patients all over the world with medical research, information and patient outreach – services that previously were only available via costly doctor visits. Online medical applications were definitely slow to adapt Web 2.0 technologies, but I think they’re some of the first players in Web 3.0. Interactive medical data applications used not for online enjoyment (or making friends) but rather to educate people in an attempt to make their lives better and healthier. 

Health 2.0 is the commencement of this new web cycle and over time we might discover that there was years of overlap between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. Technology and ideas evolve. Some still adapt the old ways while others are pushing ahead. The current economic conditions calls for the immediate change in definition, valuation, focus and efficiency. Some will make the jump from 2.0 to 3.0, others won’t make it out and many more are just being born.

It’s All About Execution

November 11, 2008 3 comments

As I wrote previously in “Creating Ideas Into Business” I talked about how TOKiBiz helps entrepreneurs execute their idea into an online application. I receive a lot of idea development requests via this site. Most of them aren’t significantly unique but how the entrepreneur plans to execute the idea is where the creativity comes into play. It’s the combination of this unique perspective coupled with the entrepreneur’s experience that makes the idea a good one! Ideas create new ideas.

Everyone has ideas but how to create those ideas into an internet application is the difficult part. Creating that idea into a solid brand and profitable business is the very difficult part.  

I respect people’s desire to be very protective of their thoughts but the truth is no one can execute it like you can. They way someone else views your idea is totally different than how you see it – plus the idea alone is not new or very complicated. As I wrote in “The Value of a Business Idea“:

For most ideas the initial value doesn’t necessarily come from the idea itself but the team behind that idea.  Many of us have similar ideas but the real value comes in how that idea is executed.  The more experience the team has the more likely they’ll have a successful execution – even if the idea isn’t earth shattering.  For many ideas aren’t earth shattering, however the most successful ones provide a simple solution to a common problem.

As Techcrunch reported there is a “Fourth YouTuber” who is looking to sue the company for stealing his idea. The reasons are given in the article but none of them are all that unique or even ones that didn’t exist before YouTube went live. The idea of posting videos on the web wasn’t a new one when YouTube went live in 2005. Revver, Brightcove, iFilm and others were around before 2005 but YouTube clicked with the masses. This doesn’t however mean YouTube is monetizing better than other sites – especially Hulu who is eating their lunch.

The “Fourth YouTuber” claims that he came up with the ideas for “video uploading, video commenting, agnostic video format, layout of the main video screen, awards and top listings “most watched”, star ratings, viewers, DMCA automation, video and audio fingerprinting.” Maybe he did but none of these ideas (or features) are all that unique. It’s stuff that developers casually talk about every day – if developers weren’t able to create ideas that originated from conversations then nothing would be built. We build upon what we read and hear about – again it’s the way individuals execute these ideas that make them unique. Take a dozen internet startups in twelve different industries and it’s likely that half of them integrate similar “Web 2.0” features.

DJ Burdick, founder of One Season, says “business is 5% idea, 95% execution” in “Ideas are Cheap.” One excellent point that DJ makes is “a lot of entrepreneurs are afraid to share their ideas”: 

“We’re in stealth mode” you’ll hear people say. I think that this approach in general is more harmful than good. Let’s throw all morals out the window for a second and assume that people are bad and won’t have any aversion to stealing your idea. Talented and smart people have better things going on than waiting around to steal your idea. Untalented and unoriginal people who may try to steal your idea won’t be able to execute it.

The less experienced someone is at turning a concept into a business, the more they seem to feel like the idea is everything.

If you stay in “stealth mode” as an entrepreneur you’re really only hurting yourself.

NDAs are thrown around so often. It seems like every conversation is prefaced with a mutual NDA. VCs won’t sign them for good reason. And I think in general they are really pointless. Source:  Ideas are Cheap

We’re all influenced by the same technology, which in return stimulates ideas that are similar to others. Someone with a financial background is going to execute the idea differently than someone with a retail background. It’s the experience that one has within the industry that he/she is executing in that increases the likelihood of success for that idea. As I wrote in “Getting An Idea Off the Ground“: 

I use to think that at some point ideas would eventually run dry.  Now I know this is definitely not the case for there are millions of ways to make our lives better.  Ways that we never thought of before and ways that couldn’t exist without the idea launched previous to ours.  For ideas keep building on the ideas of those who came before us.

Internet Earnings

November 7, 2008 Leave a comment

Below is a chart of the current (October 2008) average benchmarks for websites who contribute to Bizak. Numbers are averages for Visitors, Revenues, Revenues per Visitor (RPV), Costs, Earnings, Earnings per Visitor (RPV) and Valuation. Bizak is categorized into industry, website type and revenue source. The chart below lists the averages for website type and revenue source.   

Internet Statistics


November 5, 2008 Leave a comment

Microsoft just released a program called BizSpark which is “designed to help accelerate the success of early stage startups by providing key resources when they need it the most”  Some of these services include software, support and visibility which allows startups to access Microsoft development tools, connect with network partners and receive global visibility.

BizSpark is free for startups who’ve been in business for under 3 years and generate less than $1 million in yearly revenues.  For the program guide please visit .docstoc.

Under the Radar – Dealmaker Media

November 5, 2008 Leave a comment

Bizak is one of the finalists in this month’s Under the Radar startup showdown sponsored by Dealmaker Media and hosted by VenCorps. Like Mashable’s Startup Showdown this too comes with a $50,000 investment. VenCorps is an online community that provides human powered capital for internet startups.

The Presentation Video

Online Startup

November 2, 2008 2 comments
To increase exposure for startups on Bizak we’ve opened up our project listings for public view.  Sartups on Bizak are categorized according to industry, business type and revenue source. 
The 19 categories below contain the listings for each industry – you can then sort deeper according to business type and revenue source.
  1. Internet 
  2. Education
  3. Advertising & Marketing
  4. Computers & Electronics
  5. Arts & Entertainment
  6. Finance & Insurance
  7. Banking & Mortgage
  8. Business
  9. Politics & Media
  10. Legal
  11. Construction
  12. Design
  13. Healthcare
  14. Industrials
  15. Non Profit
  16. Printing
  17. Retail
  18. Sports
  19. Transportation