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July 28, 2008 1 comment

Here’s a VERY ROUGH video of Bizak’s benchmarks.  The video is bad but the benchmarks are good!


Health 2.0 – infoMedMD Website Launch

Web Medical Symptoms

After 6 months of planning and development infoMedMD went live this evening.  InfoMedMD is an intelligent healthcare application which through a series of questions (infoMeds) provides you with personalized medical information specific to you and your symptoms.

To start, either browse the medical symptoms or take the screening test which will give you the most relevant information according to your age and sex.

Many thanks to Paul Yeaton of Fortunate13 for the design and Steve Callan for making the application work!


June 16, 2008 2 comments

Back in February I wrote about location based social networking and since then I’ve tested a number of them. For me brightkite is the exact application that I’ve been waiting for. Based in Denver, brightkite is a social network that revolves around your location. By “checking in” you can easily post comments and photos (online or mobile) about what you’re doing at a particular location. You can then view all the posts from a specific location and all those in your neighborhood.

Right now brightkite is in limited release but once the application is fully launched it will be a very useful tool for knowing what’s happening right now at your favorite store, bar, restaurant, coffee shop, etc.

If anyone is interested in using brightkite I have 4 invitations remaining. Just email me via Bizak and request a brightkite invitation.

Comparative Analysis on

After many long months Bizak is almost ready to launch. We just finished our comparative analysis page (click image below for screen shot) and we will be opening up our tools for startups shortly. After a few weeks of data aggregation we’ll be opening up the site to investors and professionals.

Questions? Please feel free to contact me.
Spread the word!

Benchmarking Web 2.0

March 15, 2008 Leave a comment

Bizak Screen Shot

Well, after many months of development (and 2 months behind schedule) Bizak is soon set to release. The screen shot above gives you an idea of what Bizak looks like. The text below gives you an idea on what it will accomplish. To receive an invitation to our launch please click the link below:

Request an Invitation to Bizak’s Launch

Entrepreneurs use Bizak to calculate the profitability of their business according to website analytics and key performance indicators. With visitors, revenues and costs data, Bizak automatically computes revenues per visitor (RPV), costs per visitor (CPV), earnings (profit/loss), earnings per visitor (EPV) and valuation (The Bizak Estimate.) Each one of these calculations can then be compared to other startups and industry benchmarks. With these calculations entrepreneurs are then invited to join Bizak’s elite network of investors and business professionals who are eager to invest in your profitability.

Investors use Bizak to discover new investment opportunities. From the calculation of comparative benchmarks investors can evaluate the earnings potential of startups in comparison to their competitors and industry. The Bizak Estimate gives investors an approximate valuation of internet startups based on revenues, traffic and EPV. This valuation can then be compared to other startups and the industry mean. Investors can also quickly calculate high and low valuations from a range of revenue multipliers.

Professionals use Bizak’s comparative traffic analysis to discover new advertising and business opportunities. With Bizak professionals can target business partners according to industry, application type and revenue source. Startups can then be sorted and compared according to traffic, revenues, RPV, costs, CPV, EPV, earnings and the Bizak Estimate. Click on a specific company and it will provide you with their business summary, contact information, and monthly results.

Bizak is a TOKiBiz

Adding Discussion to Any Website

March 14, 2008 1 comment

speakitz logo

One of the nicest things about creating a benchmarking application for Web 2.0 is that I get introduced to a lot of great websites. Last week it was London’s WebCanvas and this week it’s Speakitz, based in Israel.

Speakitz’s best feature is the ability to add a simple javascript to your website allowing anyone the ability to comment on your site. Not only do you benefit from user feedback but potentially more beneficial is that Speakitz’s homepage lists all comments posted (from your site and others) with each one linking back to where it came from – thus potentially resulting in a boost in traffic for you!

The javascript to embed a Speakitz on your website is a bit hard to find but it’s located at:

The Bizak Estimate

February 17, 2008 1 comment

Web 2.0 Application

Once launched Bizak will have an approximate Web 2.0 valuation estimate called the Bizak Estimate.  The Bizak Estimate is similar to many valuations in that it computes revenues times a multiple however from there we add on a valuation for traffic.  Since more traffic is not always better we integrated the EPV (earnings per visitor) into the traffic equation.  This way if a site receives a million visitors but only earns $0.01 for each of them then they are equal to a firm who makes $1.00 per visitor but yet only receives 10,000 visitors.  Therefore it equates the quality of your traffic and your operating costs.  If you’re spending more in marketing, advertising, SEO, etc. to receive that traffic then you’re actually making in revenues then this will subtract from your revenue valuation.  Of course there are countless variables that go into a business valuation but the Bizak Estimate creates an apples to apples comparison and benchmark that can be used as a starting point for comparative purposes.