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The Evolution of a Web Design

November 6, 2008 2 comments

I was up late last night cleaning through the massive amount of files on my desktop and I came across a couple of the early screenshots of what both Bizak and infoMedMD looked like.  As anyone who has designed a website knows a project often goes through a number of revisions before settling into the one that works.  

Bizak – Before

For Bizak, Rick Breslin of Drive Thru Interactive, suggested the original design with a large logo in the center and the corporate stock image in the body.

Bizak Original Web Design

Bizak – After

We eventually smoothed the design and decided on the current website design.

Bizak Web Design

infoMedMD – Before

For infoMedMD, Paul Yeaton of Fortunate13 came up with this original spec. 

infoMedMD Original Web Design

infoMedMD – After

For infoMedMD the design changed a lot more drastically and Paul and I eventually decided on the following design for the website.

infomedMD Web Design - Brookline, MA


Online Advertising Spending

October 31, 2008 4 comments

I received a great comment yesterday in response to my article, Google Adsense & the Economic Turmoil, from Rick Breslin of Drive Thru Interactive.  Rick is the President of Drive Thru Interactive, web site design for small business, and the developer of Bizak.

In my article I speculate that the current economic downtown will slash marketing budgets which will trickle down through Google Adwords and Adsense. According to Rick, and an article in eMarketer, marketing budgets will likely be cut but online advertising will still thrive because online marketing is more “measurable and accountable” than print advertising.  

According to Rick Breslin:

While I agree that advertising/marketing budgets will get cut within large corporations, this is actually the best time for small businesses to continue their marketing efforts. Never stop marketing. Ever.

In fact, we’re seeing businesses (both big and small) trimming their advertising spend with traditional media (especially newspapers and magazines), while keeping or increasing their online advertising/marketing spend. Why? Online marketing is entirely measurable (and typically produces quicker ROI), and you don’t have to lock-in to huge advertising contracts with old-school publishers.

Additional email conversations with Rick expressed his belief that “online ad spend is decreasing with display ads and increasing with search (Adwords)” and 

…taking into account that Internet TV companies like Revision3 (who just had layoffs / cancelled shows) are adjusting because they make revenue from ads placed within their videos (early adopter stuff). That money is shifting to tried & true online advertising avenues like search, since they’ve figured it out over the past 5 years or so (PPC, that is).

Of course there is speculation on both sides of the online advertising spending debate but a lot of recent research supports Rick’s stance.  A survey in October 2008 by MarketingProfs found that 60% of 600 US marketers expected to increase their online spending in response to current market conditions. In June, McKinsey & Company surveyed 340 senior marketing executives, of the 91% who currently advertise online 50% of them expect to “maintain or exceed current levels” (eMarketer). The most interesting feedback from the McKinsey survey is that 55% of the senior executives are cutting traditional media expenditures in favor of online advertising.

The eMarketer article makes 7 points on why they remain bullish on online advertising spending. The number 1 point being that online advertising is measurable and accountable. With online analytics an advertiser can track every click and every sale that comes from their advertisement – print advertising can’t provide this type of tracking. Unlike traditional media (newspapers, magazines, TV) the Internet is interactive allowing for instantaneous feedback and engagement from consumers – feedback that can tweak the ad for increased effectiveness. Blogs, Facebook & Twitter can help spread these advertisements like wildfire and at virtually no cost to the advertiser – much more effective (and trackable) than handing a magazine to a friend.

All of these points by Rick and eMarketer increase my  optimism about online advertising spending. I still believe it’s time for a new advertising platform, but at least all of those Web 2.0 sites can still generate some income from Google Adsense until that platform is developed.

Comparing the Financial Performance of Startups

September 13, 2008 Leave a comment

Slide 7 from the Bizak presentation discussing our market and the need to make an apples to apples comparison of internet startups.

For the high quality version please click here

Internet Ideas

June 12, 2008 1 comment

Everyone has an idea but how we execute that idea is often more valuable than the idea itself. Many ideas are not unique. The uniqueness comes about in the individual’s perception (and execution) of that idea. Facebook was not a unique idea, however it was executed at a perfect time and at a perfect place. In Facebook’s case simple was better. The web has given simple ideas a platform where they can shine.  Experience definitely helps, however a unique solution to a common problem become great ideas.

Twitter Costs

June 12, 2008 3 comments

Twitter Revenues, Costs, & EarningsThere has been a lot of talk lately about Twitter and Twitter’s revenue model, or their lack of one. With almost 2 million users Twitter has become a phenomenon (one that I don’t understand) but also one that’s plagued by server failures and downtime.

At the end of May Twitter secured a $15 million investment from Boston based Spark Capital. This capital infusion will surely be used to limit downtime and create some revenues – something even a phenomenon needs. Considering that Twitter loses money for every visitor to the site they need to monetize this application quickly. The very conservative estimate (via Bizak Calculator) computes Twitter loses $0.03 for every visitor – that’s based on a very low $50,000 /month server costs. Costs and loses are more likely double that!

Obviously the Bizak Calculator doesn’t add in the phenom factor when computing valuations!

Web Design

Web Design Boston - Fortunate13

Many thanks to Paul Yeaton of Fortunate13 web design for cleaning up this site and the infoMedMD blog.

Fortunate13 is a marketing and design shop specializing in giving small to medium sized businesses and start-ups an image and marketing plan to compete in an already crowded marketplace.