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BostonTweet on WFNX

November 27, 2009 Leave a comment

Once again thanks to Special Ed, Charlie and Fletcher for inviting me to be on another episode of the Sandbox. For a podcast of the morning program visit .

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WFNX – My Song is Better Than Your Song

August 28, 2009 Leave a comment

On Thursday I had the pleasure to be on The Sandbox at WFNX for My Song is Better Than Your Song to compete against Boston mayoral candidate Sam Yoon. My choice, U2’s Bullet the Blue Sky – my all time favorite Edge song where he let’s the guitar, distortion and energy rip through his amp via a bluesy strat.

Sam’s choice was Under Pressure by Queen and Bowie. Being a massive U2 fan in Boston, where U2 fans are plentiful, I thought I would easily secure the votes needed to defeat the unstoppable Sam Yoon. However, once again Sam Yoon won handily with a 2:1 victory over BostonTweet. Even with the loss, my time on WFNX was an absolute blast! After a few minutes of butterflies I was at ease behind the microphone and quickly became addicted to being on the radio.

A very special thanks for the invitation to @SandboxCharlie, @SandboxFletcher and Special Ed (sorry Ed I couldn’t remember your Twitter ID).

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